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MAX EFFORT UPPER (Cycle 11 Week 3)

3 cycles of:
Cable pushdowns x 10 kg x 25
Band pull aparts x 25

Z pin press(7)
20 kg x 10
30 kg x 5
40 kg x 1
50 kg x 1
60 kg x 1
65 kg x 1
70 kg x 1 Wooooooooohoooooooooooooo 2.5 kg pr

Close grip z pin press(7)
60 kg x 3 This was too much
55 kg x 3 x 2

Barbell extensions to forehead
20 kg x 6 I think
30 kg x 6
40 kg x 6
50 kg x 6 Most likely had one more.Strongest I’ve ever been on these

Wide grip barbell rows
20 kg x 20
60 kg x 10
80 kg x 5
90 kg x 5
95 kg x 5 Had some in the tank.Rows are progressing like crazy

Fat pullup bar holds
3 sets

Neck curls
Bw x 20
10 kg x 120

Reverse grip curls
Small barbell x 50 reps

Nice! They’re a cool variation.

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I also like them as a teaching tool too

On standing ohp you can press a bit in front of you or overarch.That’s not an option there.You either do it right or you miss it

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Once again,due to me being dumb,I’ll squat tommorow and again in 3 days.Yeiiiiiiiiiii woooooohoooooo

MAX EFFORT LOWER (Cycle 11 Week 3)

3 cycles of:
Reverse hypers x bw x 25
Crunches x bw x 25

Low bar squat
20 kg x 10
20 kg + 2 bands per side x 7
60 kg + 2 bands per side x 1
100 kg + 2 bands per side x 1
120 kg + 2 bands per side x 1
140 kg + 2 bands per side x 1
150 kg + 2 bands per side x 1

Will probably talk about my training a bit later and some future plans for that log.Too tired and hungry right now

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So,although singles and speed work(haven’t done that in a while) have worked wonders for me,I feel burnt out.So I’ll switch to 3-5 rep maxes for the upcoming 1-4 cycles(depending on how that goes),looking to add a lot of size and build a base for huge strength gains on the future,while having some fun by changing stuff a bit

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Mind me asking how your cycle is laid out roughly? It’s not too often I see people training how you do but I find it really interesting.

Do you want the current layout or what I plan on doing?

Finally got a chance to go through your whole log man. Awesome lifting! How often do you change cycles?

Wow you went through all of my log.That really is a flattery

My cycles are 4 weeks always,4th week being a deload.Although that may seem too often to deload,Heavy squats,overhead presses,rows ect get me fried fast and by taking it easy for a week I manage to make consistent progress

Also, @caesium32 here is how I train

That thumbnail though

I’d also love to hear some feedback on how well you can understand me,since english is not my first language and I plan on making some videos on the future

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I’ll have a watch/listen as soon as I can.

I definitely agree with regular deloads. You can really go to town for three weeks, because you know you’ll have a week to back off.



3 cycles of:
Band pull ararts x 25
Cable pushdowns x 10 kg x 25

20 kg x 10
30 kg x 5
40 kg x 20,8,7 Super excited about this one.Not only a 3 rep pr,but I had 1-2 left too

32 degree smith incline
10 kg x ? I assume the bar is 10 kg
30 kg x 10 x 2
20 kg x 10 x 3 Yeah I know I know,pathetic but I was fried

Barbell row
20 kg x 20
60 kg x 20,20,20,12,10

Band facepulls ss forearm extensions
3 sets of whatever

Band pushdowns
Band x 100

Neck curls
Bw x 20
10 kg x 10
20 kg x 40
Bw x 100

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Yesterday’s ohp.Camera died early though

Also I forgot to mention that I did the incline pressing with a fairly close grip,similar to that of ohp

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Nothing special today.Just some squatting

MAX EFFORT UPPER (Cycle 11 Deload)

3 cycles of:
Band pull aparts x 25
Cable pushdowns x 10 kg x 25

Seated dumbbell press
6 kg x 15
10 kg x 5
14 kg x 20,20,12
10 kg x 13,12

Wide grip barbell row
20 kg x 20
50 kg x 20 x 5

Band pushdowns
Band x 50

1 arm barbell wrist curl
20 kg x 50

Neck curls
Bw x 200

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MAX EFFORT LOWER (Cycle 11 Deload)

3 cycles of:
Cable ab pulldown x 15 kg on the first,20 on the other 2 x 25
Reverse hyper x bw x 25

High bar squats
20 kg x 10
40 kg x 5
60 kg x 20,20,20,10,10

Wide stance pin good mornings (7)
20 kg x 10 x 5

Barbell shrugs
20 kg x ?
60 kg x 6
100 kg x 6
140 kg x 10 x 3

Band ab pulldown
100 total reps varying directions,stances ect

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Since I’ve made some online friends here and also fell in love with logging,let me talk a bit more about myself,training background,future goals,both training wise and general ect

I started training back at 16.My father had purchased an 1 year gym membership and he had 2 months for a friend as a gift,so 2 days before graduading 10th grade I joined.My little 13 years old bro joined with me cause he had a low self esteme and he never stood up for himself.Kids half his size slapped him and he started crying or feeling bad.Funny how now he is a 210 pound ‘‘monster’’ that always stands up for himself

I trained there as a retard,what I did right kinda right though was train legs twice per week with insane volume,which contributed to their current size I think.After the 2 months passed I joined the public stadium I occasionally trained at cause I didn’t want to ask my father to pay 2 memberships.Although it had minimum equipment,it taught me the value of free weight training.I think if it wasn’t for that place I’d be stuck squatting in the smith machine

After 2 years I graduaded high school and moved to another city to study at the math department.Training kept being kinda all over the place.I didn’t really care about powerlifting but I just trained for it,which had me unmotivated

Then,at 2015 I joined t nation and you know the rest.Seriously,joining there and logging every single detail of my workouts was the best thing I did for my lifting career

Here’s me at 16,before I started lifting(yeah,I was the guy that was listening to music and sleeping at boring classes)

Here’s me after 1 year of lifting,at around 73 kg

Here’s me pulling 180 kg for the first time,after 4 months of 531

And here’s me at 18 after bulking up 20 kg/45 lbs give or take in one year and some months


It’s good you got started so early and did more right than wrong. You’ll go far the way you’re going.

The community here is awesome. I think it almost makes up for the lack of that exact element at many gyms. I’m lucky because my gym has a decent community, but my mates here on T-Nation are every bit as important to me.

Thanks man,I really appreciate it

Yeah,starting at such a young age is a huge advantage.As long as I keep training and I don’t get hurt I have it’s almost inevidable that I’ll reach some solid numbers and size

My gym is an exact replica of what you said,but tbh it doesn’t bother me at all.As long as people there are nice and provide me the equipment I need the lack of like minded individuals does not bother me a single bit

P.s shaving,not having my hair short at the side and wearing tight clothes was like I was playing a prank on myself on the last pic lol

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We’re basically the same training background wise only I’m not as far down the line as you. I think without t nation I’d be doing whatever exercise was rated highest on a random site in a body part split for 100s of sets. I definitely wouldn’t be as motivated or serious as I am now.
Keep on logging and getting stronger.