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MAX EFFORT LOWER (Cycle 11 Week 1)

3 cycles of:
Bridges x bw x 30 seconds
Rdls x 20 kg x 25

Low bar paused squat
20 kg x 10
60 kg x 2
100 kg x 1
130 kg x 1
150 kg x 1
160 kg x 1
Holy goddfksh@%($&^(@##$ (If I realy start celebrating as I want I might get banned lol)
And even if the weights are a bit off,2-3 months back I did 140 kg on pause squats on the same weight room
What made all that difference?Bracing HARD and doing my best to not get loose
130 kg x 3 x 2

Good mornings off pins with high bar possition(or high-ish not sure)
20 kg x 5
60 kg x 5
100 kg x 5
130 kg x 5 Rounded over on the last rep and my core started shaking.I’m not gonna get away with bad form like that every single time,so note to self,be more careful

Cable ab curls
30 kg x 50 regular,50 side to side

Also some fan service,here’s the badass chain I used for my ab work and pushdowns last time


Love giving the bird to the weights, I usually do that for PRs too.

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I couldn’t even be my real self cause there were people at the gym

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That looked easy enough for a PR. Four plates aren’t far off.

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I sure hope so

On a side note I think the junior record in Greece for the 82.5 kg weight class is 250 kg,probably with wraps too and I’m still 20 years old.So if training keeps going good I might have a chance before I turn 23.It would probably take a 220 kg squat beltless and without wraps to match it,wich means 50 kg/110 pounds(give or take) in 3 years

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Just found out about that
That guy recently came first in the junior 90 kg class,with 240 squat,132.5 kg bench and 270 kg deadlift.I think after 2-3 years I could match this,even training the way I do which is not specific to powerlifting
If in 2 years I manage a 100+ kg press and a 220 + kg squat I’ll probably be able to make my training more powerlifting specific and challenge the 90 kg junior class record in total,squat and deadlift
A good starting point would be a 200 kg beltless squat and a 100 kg press
Still,I don’t care that much about powerlifting,but walking in and beating everyone would be cool


MAX EFFORT UPPER (Cycle 11 Week 2)

3 cycles of:
Band pull aparts x 25
Cable pushdowns x 10 kg x 25

I missed the 2 previous workouts cause I was sick af.Not totally healed yet but good enough to lift without hindering my recovery

Z press
20 kg x 10
30 kg x 5
40 kg x 1
50 kg x 1
60 kg x 1
62.5 kg x 1
65 kg x 0 If I braced better I’d probably get this one

Close grip Z press
50 kg x 5 x 2
Touching my chest despite having such close grip made the exercise so hard

Dumbbell skulls
8 kg x 6
14 kg x 6
18 kg x 6 x 2

1 arm t bar row
Bar x 10 or 20 or something
20 kg x 3 I think
40 kg x 3
60 kg x 3 EAAAAAAZY I even paused on the top
80 kg x 3 That was so damn heavy

1 arm cable holds

Forearms have grown a bit

Neck curls
Bw x 20
10 kg x 10
20 kg x 25 x 2 I could probably do 50 straight but the plate was killing my head.I’ll start bringing a towel

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MAX EFFORT LOWER (Cycle 11 Week 2)

3 cycles of:
Bridges x bw x 30 seconds
Reverse hypers x bw x 25

Low bar squat
20 kg x 10
60 kg x 3 or 5 or sth
100 kg x 1
140 kg x 1
160 kg x 1
170 kg x 1 hips shot up more than I’d like.I think it’s also an issue of the back not being tight and the bar rolling on my back.I’ll experiment with a kinda higher placement
175 kg x 0 Stayed more upright there though.Good job.Kinda
140 kg x 2 I literally had no more squatting in me

Hypers parallel to the floor
Bw x 10
20 kg x 6
40 kg x 6
60 kg x 6
70 kg x 6 That was hard.Botslayer if you are reading this,I know you have a temptation to beat me to death right now,but I didn’t deadlift cause my scedule got fkd up and I have to squat in 2 days again.I promise some pulling is to come

20 kg x 20+
60 kg x 13 I think
100 kg x 6
140 kg x 6
180 kg x 10 Not bad,still though,I have to get at 20+ there

Honestly,I couldn’t be happier.That’s just 10 kg away from 4 plates.And that’s not even taking into consideration that I was sick for a week and I have missed some lower body workouts recently here and there.I’ll not max out on squat until next year,where I’ll probably hit 4 plates before March 16,where I turn 21
So far I’ve added 30 kg in my squat in 6 and a half months


I think it’s your upper and middle back that’s letting you down, not your lower back.

Look at the video, you set up and really squeeze the bar. Then you walk out, go down and as you come up it really looks like you fight to keep your elbows under the bar but I’d swear your wrists bend way back.

That means to me you’re getting a false sense of tightness in your upper/middle back by squeezing the bar at the start, which is revealed to be false when you come out of the hope. What has worked much better for me is to spend around six months not even gripping the bar. Just rest it in your hands and relax your arms below the elbow. All the tightness comes from pulling your elbows hard into your sides (not forward under the bar), which means you’ll pull your shoulder blades hard back and down, pushing your sternum up. It takes a few weeks of getting used to but is well worth it. You won’t cock your wrists much if at all, and you’ll actually get very tight, knowing exactly where your bar needs to sit. A wider grip can help when learning this.


Thanks for the detailed response man

You are probably right.I’ll give this a shot

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1 cycle of:
V grip pushdowns x 10 kg x 75
Band pull aparts x 75 cause gym was full

20 kg x 10
30 kg x 10
37.5 kg x 20,10,6

Played around with the hammer incline a bit but this machine puts you in an awkward possition on the bottom which is hard on the rotators

Dumbbell incline (2)
8 kg x 12
18 kg x 6
25 kg x 6 Damn the ohp fried me
18 kg x 10 x 2

Close grip barbell row
20 kg x 20
60 kg x 5
80 kg x 15,10,10

Rope hammer curls

Neck curls
Bw x 20
10 kg x 110

Barbell wrist curls
20 kg x 100 cause as I went to leave there was an empty barbell and,why not?


Gonna stick with reps for a while

1 cycle of:
Cable ab pulldowns x 15 kg x 75
Reverse hypers x bw x 75

Low bar squats
20 kg x ?
60 kg x ?
100 kg x 5 x 3

@MarkKO I took your advice and it widened my grip.I also noticed that on the decent I was looking down,so I fixed that too.Last,I turned my feet just a very slight bit outer.The result?A grear looking squat
Thanks for your advice man,it worked wonders

Front squat
Cause I plan on front squatting 3 plates
60 kg x 2
80 kg x 7 Lower back was too fried for anything more

Bw x 10 x 3

Wide grip shrugs
Up to 80 kg x 75

Abs with band
100 total reps

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Nice progress ! can you make a video of your good mornings and shrugs ? I need to improve my good morning game dramatically :open_mouth:

I will probably film them at some point,but there are so many great tutorials out there.You can even drop a question here on CT

As for programming them in,just keep lighter rep records
For example one week you do 135 lbs x 15 and 31 total reps over the course of 3 sets,next week put on 105,next 150,next 135 trying to break your previous records ect
You’ll have to stop a bit shy of failure though,since gm is a very technical lift

As for shrugs,put on a heavy weight,strap up and start moving it up and down cheating a bit if needed

I remember once in the past you also asked me about neck bridges,so give this a look


START LOGGING AGAIN :rage::rage::rage:

I meant with this comment that you either have a very strong good morning in relation to your other lifts (I think I read you did 130kg for 5 reps ) or that my good mornings are very weak in relation to my other lifts. Which means either you have a strenght or I a weakness hahaha

Logging ? I keep at the moment a list of records on the good old paper :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn,I don’t do very good england from time to time I guess lol

Thanks bro.To be honest though they where from high pins

How’s your training going?

I’m really glad it worked for you mate. Always happy to help.

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Thanks for asking, I am doing at the moment my "own"thing and need to see how it works. I will tell you in some weeks about it.

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