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Just Your Average Training Log


Sun 1/30/11 Post-Competition Recovery/Arms Day

The Stick on quads, ITs, hams, adductors. L quad still sore/cramped/bruised/something from yesterday. TKEs, 30 ea leg. Hip flexors, internal hip rotation stretch

Rev Curls - started w empty bar, worked up a dime ea side, short rest tween sets, then
6x10@30 lbs ea side - 30 sec tween first 3, min tween last 3

1 arm DB Overhead Ext - seated

Overhead Cable Curl

Cable Extensions

1 arm Cable Extensions

Bicep stretch, 6x30 sec, moved grip in for each of first three, then raised bar and moved grip in each of last three

Later on, Protein Tub Finger Ext Holds
30 sec each
30 R/23 L
30 ea
30 ea


Mon 1/31/11 Lower Body Accessory/Neural Charge

Didnt get enough sleep last night. Was weird, went to bed early, but woke up at 4:30 am and couldnt go back to sleep

Was supposed to be a LB Accessory day. Felt dog tired after getting home from work, no motivation to train and back was acting up. Been wanting to try out the neural charge workout for a while and thought it might help me continue to recover from contest, and would be a good substitute since it's mostly lower body jumps anyway.

Plyo Pushups - did better w these each time. Most explosive w a stance just outside of shoulder-width

Broad Jumps - were a problem. first jump went all out, jumped 8-9'(?) and knees thought they'd explode. second jump legs gave out. Remaining circuits I consciously held back. Not sure if that's contrary to the point of a neural workout jumped 6-7' for rest of time. Actually felt ok once I got in the rhythm. Should I have warmed up before these? [shrug] the workout itself seems like a warmup, but maybe that would be beneficial

Jumpstretch overhead wood choppers - in place of med ball. Tried to be fast, exploded down towards my toes. Fine.

Vertical Jumps - fine, but not as high as normal. Felt like I was getting like 12" off the floor.

Did, I think, 4-5 circuits. Dropped reps on every except wood choppers. When i had to drop again I stopped.

Jury is still out on this, but I notice no immediately beneficial effects.

Wanted to do more to help recover, so Ice Massage on knees, quads and elbows.


Tue 2/1/11 Overhead Day

didn't sleep enough last night, prob 7ish hours

rubber band extensions for hands during day. probably 2-3 sets of 50-100 reps w single band

Lax ball warmup

Mil Press (531 - 85%)
150, 160, 170x5 - coulda done two more, shoulder still felt a little off, so easing back into it. Felt good about this

Mil press against mini bands
bar, 65x3
6x3@105 - first three sets RPE of a very easy 8. Last three sets were prob RPE 9

Bent Over DB Face Pulls

no PWO shake - 8 oz chicken on hero when I got home. Felt dog tired by time I got home today again. Low motivation, but not none. Felt much better by the time I finished workout than when I started.


Wed 2/2/11 Groundhog Squat & DL Day

Really having trouble getting to sleep on nights when i go to the gym. went to bed at midnight last two nights and its 11:30 now. Just too wound up

one set of rubber band extensions for 20 reps w 3 bands during day. Lax Ball on L shoulder, 11 rolls on front, side, rear, trap and rotator cuff.

warmup was just the stick, but felt tight working up in weight on squat. So went back and did leg swings, side leg swings, hip flexor, internal rotator stretches and dynamic stretched adductors

SSB Squat
65, 165, 255, 345, 395 (added belt before this set), 415 all for single or double
435x4 - woulda liked it a tad faster, but ok. all reps except last had no rest at top to speak of just getting a new breath and going

DL - no straps after talking w rhodes
375, 400x5
belt on

just realized i forgot to do any thumbless work. Shoulda been 400x3, dammit

all felt equally heavy. probably indicates CNS still fatigued from Sat


Cardio - treadmill w inc@15
20 min
1.1 mi
started at 3.1 mph, worked up to 3.5 I think
395 cal
155 avg HR
169 peak HR

just remembered i also forgot to do DB facepulls, dammit


Sat 2/5/11 Events Day

warmup - The Stick on quads, hams, adds, IT. Green band TKEs, GMs, leg press.

Yoke - all for about 35-40'
3x650 - all about 6.5"

all sets w 300lb stone
140' (turns every ~35')
150' - easy
150' - challenging, but coulda gone further
150' - hard, stone was slippin more than anything else

Car DL - all for 10 reps; low handles - 14"?
Light tire (600?)
+310 x 8? 12?

Beef Burrito Bowl after training.

Felt pretty good after this, just tired. Stuffed myself at Chipotle.


Sun 2/6/11 Superbowl Arms Day (Medium Volume)

Warmup - The Stick on the usual suspects, then Lax Ball on the L shoulder for 10 min

Rev grip straight bar curls w Tyler Grips - all for 10 reps
45, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75

Tate Press

Overhead Cable Curl

1 arm Rope Tricep Pushdown

20 min, 0 incline
distance - ? (1.7ish?)
avg speed - ? (4.5-5.2?)
Avg HR - 129
Peak HR - 145

Cardio was all screwed up cuz about 12 min in the machine I was on died. So no idea of total distance, and therefore, speed. Also, forgot to stretch bis


Mon 2/7/11 Neural Charge Session

Kinda went by feel in doing this over a more traditional gym session. Motivation was there, but maybe it was not feeling recovered enough, or being more excited about this since it's newer, whatever. Convenience factor came into play as well.

Really may need to warmup before this, which vastly detracts from one of it's most attractive features, the time it takes. 4 rounds. Was breathing heavy right before 3rd (little unsure of this. Since thibadeau talked about "metabolic fatigue" on the video, I figured I was good since i felt no lactic acid burn, but I've gotta watch again to see whether it's right/ok that I was breathing heavy), but 3rd was the most explosive.

Plyo Inc Pushups 5, 5, 4, 3 - seemed to die on these faster
Broad Jump - 5,5,5,4 - much better than last week. Widened my stance
Wood Choppers w Monster Mini - 5,5,5,4
Vert Jump - 5,5,4,3 - need to find a space w higher ceilings to really reach for it

Jury's still out, but nothing saying it's completely wrong for me so far


Tue 2/8/11 Overhead Day

Warmup - pressed for time, so I only did teacups, light band traction 2x1min ea, barx10, 65x8, 95x6, 135x1 or something

Mil Press - 531 (90% week)
180x4 - probably only left one in the tank

Mil press against chains
105+1 chain x 3
105+2 chains x 3
3x3@105+2.5 chains
3x3 @ 105+3 chains
Probably left 1 or 2 in tank for each of these. Very difficult to gauge RPEs on this. Feels like it's because of the accommodating resistance, but then again the bands weren't too hard to judge.

Back at home

DB Rows - I guess these were more rows than facepulls. Pulling with elows out hurt, so I tucked em. Felt like lapping a log

Band pull aparts
25 w mini - these never feel right for me


Wed 2/9/11 Squat & DL

Warmups - The Stick, Lax Ball on piriformis and hip (TFL?), leg swings

Felt really sick coming in today. I just told myself all I needed was two good sets, one on the squat, and one on the deadlift and I'd be happy. Was really committed to getting 455x4 on the squat today, and if I didn't get it, I'd wrap my knees and go again.

SSB Squat - changed form so hands are on the camber of the bar. Let me gradually work my grip back in, while allowing me to drive my elbows forward in the hole
bar, bar, 155, 255, 325, 375, 405 - most for singles, maybe a few doubles at the beginning. None of them felt particularly hard, but none felt as fast and easy as I wanted them to feel


Actually easier than I expected. Not easy, but i got it. Felt like I was all over the place, a little high, deep in the hole, etc, but the guy watching me was USAPL and he said they were all below parallel and all about the same depth, so, good enough for me.

DL - no straps, 531 (90% of 500)
405, 425 x 3
Honestly don't even know if I left any in the tank. All of these were heavy as hell, but adding the weight didnt make it feel any heavier. CNS?

Had planned on doing elevated Trap Bar pulls, but since 450 was almost a no-go for me, I went to
Happy w the day considering I was coming down w something, not bad for being sick, but I've got to be as excited about DL as I am abotu squat. All day i was picturing the squat, and the DL was sort of "oh, yeah, wanna do well on that too"

got home, Epsom Salt Bath


Sat 2/12/11 Events Day

Warmup - moving a ton of stuff around the warehouse, stick, leg swings, TKEs, Lax Ball for the shoulder etc

160 - clean once, triple
210 - clean once, double, clean again, single
230 - single
Training partner noted that I had the log racked properly on each clean, but as soon as I bent my knees to get leg drive, it was falling forward

230x3, clean the fourth, miss it, rest for a min, x2
Adjusted technique on this one, instead of dipping my knees forward, really thinking about pushing OUT, like a squat, to get leg drive. Also helps in that it makes coming under the log for the catch slightly easier, so it's a slight jerk instead of a push press. Just missed the fourth cuz of conditioning

Plan called for clean once triple at 7 RPE, tehn 3x5 clean every. Disappointed with the numbers, was hoping for 250-260. I'll blame it on being sick

Yoke - all for 35'
Having trouble warming up
690 - 9.4 sec (dropped. Going too fast)
690 - 10.3 (same as before)
690 - 9.0 (thinking "slow n steady" insteada "fastfastfast")
Not happy w the drop in speed from 650 last week

Husafelt - 300 lbs
100' - just pathetic and mentally weak here. Never should've started this set, my back was already shot from trying to adjust how I was carrying it the previous set


Skipped arms cuz I was sick

Tue 2/15/11 Double Session Day

Had to miss my lower body accessory day last night because of personal problems, but didn't want to skip the session totally, so up at 5 am

AM Lower Body Accessory

Warmup - Lax Ball on glute and TFL, leg swings, step overs

Back Ext
Huge back pump on this. Back ext set as low as it would go, below bottom hole. Really concentrate on rotating pelvis

GHR - 5 holes showing

Rev plank off GHR
2x30 sec 6 holes showing
25 - 7 holes
3x20 - 8 holes for last 1 or 2

PM Overhead

Warmup - Lax Ball on the shoulder and some arm swings. Really not enough but I wanted to get in and out (failed). Gotta figure something out for that

Mil Press - 95%
Bar, 65, 95,115,135 x10,8,5,4,1
Slow, but steady movement throughout lift. Probably coulda done a 2nd, but not sure. Unlikely on a 3rd.

Shoulder is still off. Variously described it as "rickety," nothing wrong, but it's not all RIGHT and just feeling tight/bound up - possible scar tissue restricting movement?

Z Press - hole #12 (from bottom) set at tip of nose
Was supposed to be a press w chains accommodating, but forgot carabiners. Happy w the substitute, this actually felt great on my shoulders (mental cue to 'pull down' scapula) may rotate this in regularly

Circus DB


Thu 2/17/11 - Squat & DL Day

Squat & DL bumped to tonight because of crippling DOMS last night. Tried usin The Stick on hammies all day but no good. BenGay underneath Rehbands helped.

Barx5, 155x3, 155x1, 255, 345, 395, 435 (no-belt PR?), added belt, 455x1,


Very happy w how easy it was. Stas said both last two were real deep at least an inch below parallel. Sticking point is about a quarter to a third of the way up, not outta the hole.

475x2 - probably woulda had to have hitched the third. Really hating what this over/under grip is doing to my numbers

Thumbless grip DL - 405x3 (approx 20% of total DL workload) 10 sec hold at top

Front Squat

Realized halfway through I wasnâ??t really concentrated on rotating pelvis, keeping low back arched. Feel this is key


Sat 2/19/11 Unintentional Deload Events Day

Terrible event session. I blame it mostly on not eating after 4 pm the previous evening - just so damn tired I didnt even make dinner. Lingering soreness in hamstrings, and general fatigue from Squat session ~36 hours prior probably also played a role. Didn't even want to do the session from the time I woke up. Only saving grace is that this is the start of a Low Volume week.

I did Log and Frame Deadlift. Weights aren't even worth recording. When my warmups for both were difficult I bagged the day.


Sun 2/20/11 Arms Day

Warmup - Tons. Stick, Lax Ball.

Sled Drag
- all for 150-160' w a turn at 75-80'
tire+50lb DB, no rest, tire+75lb DB, no rest tire+125lb DB
2 more trips w 125lb DB
each of the trip w 125lbs took ~1 min. Rest was 1-3 min between.

Rev Grip EZ Curl
3x10@30lb each side

Tate Press

Overhead Cable Curl

1 Arm Rope Pushdown

bicep stretch


Mon 2/21/11 Deload Lower Body Accessory

Warmup - stick, lax ball. Shoulda done TKEs but forgot them

Sled Drag - 3 160ish' trips w 75lbs in the tire (60% of yesterday). each trip ~45 sec, ~1 min rest tween

Back Ext
2x10@60lb on back (may've carried it a little lower and shortened the lever arm, but still good work put in)


Rev Plank off GHR
2x30 sec

Perfect deload workout: felt better after it was done than I had coming in.


Tue 2/22/11 Overhead Deload Day

Dammit, thought I'd logged this, now I forget everything. I think it went

Warmup - usual

AM workout

Sled Drag - Each trip ~75-80' down and back
3 trips w 45lbs in tire Each trip ~75-80' down and back

DB Strict Overhead
55x5, 65x5, 75x5

Chain Press Overhead - attached D-handles to feeder chains, then heavier chains at the bottom
1 chain x 4
3x4@ 4 chains - RPE of 8 or so. Difficult to measure w accomodating resistance

DB Overhead
130xno, no, 1 - guess I went too heavy on this.


Sat 2/26/11 Events Day @Evans'

Did not do deload squat workout as I was wiped. Decided I would recover better getting to bed early than doing sets w 50%

Warmup - stick and lax ball. Left hip was markedly tighter.

13" Log
110 and 160 on 8" log
230 - clean once, triple
280x0 - pushed it forward bad
280x0 - straight up, missed lockout by thismuch
280x0 - dumped it behind me. no idea why I keep doing this

Yoke - shaky yoke
did sets of 80ish' speed felt good. 750 was a little shaky
800x20ish' w about 4-5 picks. Not good. Gonna wear a belt around chest for next show.

Stones - to 52"
240, 310
405x2 - I believe this is only a 20" diameter, which could account for the performance
435x0 - woulda loaded to about 48" or so

from lap to load is weak point
Left knee hurt like hell after I took off the knee sleeve prior to stones. Got worse as it got cold


Sun 2/27/11 Arms Day

Warmup - stick, lax on lower and L shoulder

Sled - all trips ~80' down, 80' back
trip w 55lb db in tire
75 db
4 x 75+55 db

First set felt considerably harder than last week, but made it thru. The women who wanted to try it out after 2 sets gave me a nice break.

Straight Bar Rev Curls w Tyler Grips in the Squat Rack
7 (or 6?)x10@75

Seated 1 arm DB Overhead Extension
7x10@30 ea arm (I think htat was the weight)

Overhead Cable Curls

1 arm rope pushdowns
7x10@45 ea

Feels ridiculous writing this, but great pump. 7 sets is a good number for high volume day. May try 8, maybe not.


Mon 2/28/11 Lower Body Accessory

Warmup - stick and lax ball, used lax ball on calves also this time (in addition to TFL and glutes)

Sled Drag - 80' each way, 160'/trip
4x70 lb db in tire. I think I timed the last 3 sets at 42 sec, 31, 29

Back Ext
was already warm, so tried to just go straight to 65 lbs. Not happening. felt like I almost lost control and just dropped on the decent.

Pressed for time, so supersetted


with Rev Planks off GHR
3x25 seconds

Overall, workout was tougher than I expected. Probably combo of 1) Events work was much harder this week than previous Sat 2) This was an early-ish (7am) workout. My gut is telling me the sled may have something to do with it as well (extra trip, slightly more weight)


Tue 3/1/11 Overhead Day

Warmup - worked really well tonight, felt good afterwards. Lax Ball - 45 rolls on Pec (outer portion, sorta around arm pit), 45-90 rolls on delt-bi tie-in, 90 on middle delt (I think where the brachialis ties in or something?), 45 on rear delt, 30 on trap over scapula, 30 on rotator cuff(?) (over lower scapula); in between warmup sets, used a doubled mini band to statically traction my shoulder while stretching my neck, (static traction/stretch neck) 2x1 min

Mil Press - 85% of 205
barx10, 65x8, 95x6, 115x4, 135x2
155x5, 165x5
belt, wrist wraps on

Lots of visualization here before the last set. Just picturing myself loosely putting on my belt, chalking my hands, putting wrist wraps on tight, cinching my belt and then losing myself in the set. Felt really good. Stopped myself at 8 since I was just all fired up and probably wouldn't have known when I had a rep or two left in the tank. Very happy since goal was 7.

Mil Press against Monster-Minis - 3x3
bar, 65, 95, 115 all for triples
added belt, wrist wraps

145 set and 1st 135 were done breathing out at the top, getting air then trying to come down fast and get outta the whole. Second 135 set was done on one breath. I liked this much better. All 3 top sets prob had more grinding and leaning back than I should allow myself, but still good. Very happy with this.

DB Overhead
Legs hurt so freaking bad just bending over to get the DB. Stopped, did TKEs (50 for L knee, 25 for R; continuous tension, squeezing hard) and put on knee sleeves
100, 110 for singles, no belt. Was starting to fatigue fast, so figured I ought to get to the meat of it.
125x3 - was really pressing these out. Need more legs or something, happy tris can lockout 125, but it's not enough
130x miss, then a good triple

this was all I had. No way was I getting 135. Briefly considered taking 130 again, but didnt. Dont remember if there was a specific reason

Lat Pulls
170x5 (did I do 5 or 8?)

Weight and reps purposely mirrored the mil press to balance out overhead work. After leaving the gym thought about it and realized I didnt count any of the lockout work against bands, and I should probably have closer than a 2:1 ratio than a 1:1, since since the goal should prob be more like catching my back up than keeping it in balance

Cool down - repeated Lax ball work from warmup. Didnt feel great afterwards, but prob still a good idea

Really very happy with this training session