Just Wrote This...

So for another website i do some writing for, I just wrote up this rant as an explanation for what my Warrior Athlete Sessions are all about…

I know most of you don’t care and if that is the case then feel free to move on, but i know a few still like to know when I write a rant on something…Anyway if you are interested, here is the link:


Alpha makes Iron Dwarf feel like a pussy.

it is always good to hear from you, Alpha. Your website has been bookmarked for quite sometime on my computer.

Good read.

Alpha, thanks once again for being awesome. Motivates me to strive to be better in not just strength but all other phases of my life as well.

What do you do on tuesday?

Great read, and I definitely will be looking into this warrior athlete stuff asap, as I’m unfamiliar right now.

Again, awesome stuff.

Sweet read man, thanks!!

Awesome read at the most perfect time for myself…Thanks Alpha

Great stuff Alpha. I’ve been loving your workouts the past couple of months!

I love the site and go there and get inspired, but I do barely 1/5th of what’s proscribed there. Too tough for me!

Ha! thanks for all of the love and encouragement everyone, means a lot that you took the time to read it. i really do appreciate it.

Good to hear from you alpha. Miss the log here.

Thanks man, i really miss keeping it to be honest. but the Warrior Athlete stuff is what i am doing now, so if you ever check that out than you will know what i am up to.

Strangely enough i think it is going to help me hit a new PR on Deads this week…I am hoping for at least 635…we will see…

Thanks for checking in brother!

Alpha: I just read your last two logs and have now started reading your website, and I never got the chance to say this when your logs were open, but thank you. For teaching me that you can keep pushing no matter what. For putting “normal lives” in perspective.

For your incredibly well-written and motivating rants, that don’t just make me want to get stronger, but to get better at everything in life, study more, excel at everything, be a better son, brother, friend and man. For showing me that with the right work ethic, you can break records despite circumstances that would just make others give up.

Thank you.

Kakno: man, that was some of the nicest stuff i think anyone has ever said man, I truly appreciate it.

Thanks man!

I did saturday’s warrior athlete as best I could tonight. I read this first and it pushed me to puke. Thank you.

Hey Alpha, read up on Finn MacCool (the warrior, not the fairy tale giant). I think you’d like the stories (and the initiation for the fianna).

Great rant as usual Alpha, keep fucking shit up

xandrewx: that is so awesome man! Keep it up brother!

alex good: Just read the wiki on him, looks pretty interesting. Would you suggest reading anything in particular?

USMCpoole: Ha! thanks man and great to hear from you again, and you know I will be trying!

Thanks everyone for reading and commenting!