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Just Worked Out My New Schedule

so my goal is to have larger arms compared to my torso, and to have medium build legs also.

so here’s the plan:
monday: arms, upper back, cardio(for 20 min).
tuesday: abs, lower back, cardio(for 30 min)
wednsday: arms, cardio(30 min)
thursday: upper and lower legs, cardio(20 min)
friday: boxing, arms, back.
saturday: arms, abs, back, cardio (30 min),
sunday: cardio (30 min)

Arms four times a week, eh?

That seems a little much, even for an arms specialization routine.

If you are serious about specializing arms, I would cut arm training back to twice a week with high/medium volume, and just maintenence on the rest of your body. But do not neglect Deads & Squats because if I remember correctly, you have to add 10lbs of muscle for every inch of arm circumfrence gained.

Check out these programs: (just enter the names into the search feature)

The Ultimate Triceps Program
by Chad Waterbury

Armed For Combat
12 weeks to war-ready guns!
by Christian Thibaudeau

The “No Curl” Biceps Program
by Alwyn Cosgrove

Arm Yourself!
by Charles Poliquin

there are many, many more arm-specialization routines…but you can look the rest up!

good luck

Fucking ridiculous, you have 11 posts,

one of which is on how you have started taking an anabolic agent (t3-nitro) and two other threads you’ve started asking for ab exercises as you arn’t happy with how they are toned up atm. Please dude, give us a break, read every fucking article in the archives section, then come back and start posting.

hey man, i’m learning. i’m going to ask my stupid fucked up questions, but i’m readin the articles ok? everyone’s a beginner, and i’m sorry i’m gettin in the way, but i need to learn. i’m learning plenty from the articles, so i’ll take your word, and i won’t post until i’ve read almost all of them ok?

You have upper and lower legs?