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Just wondering

Anybody ever tried a high calorie, very low carb diet ? As in above maintenance calorie levels, but in the keto range as far as carbs. I was just wondering if you would just get fat like usual or if it was less of a problem with such a small amount of insulin on board.

Do a search for the Anabolic Diet. I think the article in T-Mag was called “Eat Like a Man” or something to that effect. Basically it’s the same as the T-Dawg diet only with higher cals like you suggested. Some people really like it but it seems the majority do much better with more carbs. I think you have to have really poor insulin sensitivity to be able to pull off good mass results with a plan like this, although I have heard Charles Poliquin say that he believes 50 percent of the bodybuilding population should eat 50 g. or less in carbs/day (not sure about that one). You might look into it though.

I have done high cal. low carb dieting several times. It’s wild because I found I needed to take in at least 4,500 calories before I started to put on ANY weight! You can of course put on fat eating this way but I feel that the lack of on going insulin keeps fat to a minimum. I give it a thumbs up!
P.S. I’ve used Androsol and Mag-10 while doing this and achieved great results.

I have not personally tried it but it sounds very much like the bulking version of the anabolic diet. From what I’ve heard and from what T-mag has even reported results have been less than spectacular. People can’t eat enough of fats because they fill you up. You don’t gain as much LBM as you would with carbs present. I’m not sure how much better the fat stays off but if you’re not gaining the muscle either why even bother.

Matt, I tried the high calorie version of DePasqule’s Anabolic Diet several years ago and got shredded quite rapidly without losing any muscle size at all. However I did not gain any muscle either,and I felt like shit the three weeks I was on the diet. I was averaging 4500cals per day during the low carb phase, with less than 30g of carbs per day.
I personally do better on a low carb diet with more frequent carb-loads (post-workout). The anabolic diet makes you go 5 days straight with very low carbs.