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Just What Do Celebrities Think About This War?

Something struck me that I wanted to point out. Lots of celebrity-bashing going on lately, and well-deserved in my opinion. It seems most every Hollywood actor, actress (I know they call them all “actors” now), director and producer seem to literally be liberal bobble-heads — boing, boing, boing “we hate Bush, we hate Bush” boing, boing, boing. But how about this. Not every celebrity you speak to feels this way.

Most interviews I’ve seen with professional athletes and coaches have shown that they are supportive of U.S. involvement in Iraq, that they support our troops and are thankful that our country is fighting to preserve freedom, that they are grateful that they can attain such a high standard of living thanks to the freedom our country provides.

Now, I’m not saying all Hollywood celebrities are anti-Bush and anti-war, and that all athletes are the opposite. But you have to admit, it’s amazing that one celebrity group, Hollywood, sees things much different than another celebrity group, professional athletes.