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Just Weight Training for Fat Loss


I usually keep my BF in the 10% range and I have used Berrrdi's Get Shredded Diet several times to get very lean for summer etc. I personally use fasted state a.m. cardio along with brief weight workouts to maintain as much muscle as I can. In the past, I actually ended up gaining about 3lbs. of muscle on that calorie restricted diet (don't know how that happened) and dropping about 3% BF in 8 weeks.

I wanted to ask if anyone has achieved good results with weight training only? Being on such low cals., I am always concerned about muscle loss and while I maintained my muscle, I am not a big fan of cardio. Any suggestions on a weight training only plan for BF loss?



Typically if my calories are extremely low (such as in Berardi’s GSD), I’ll cut out most of my cardio. I will simply end up burning more calories resulting in making me hungrier when my calories are already low enough to burn up fat without the activity. I’ll usually utilize cardio so that I am able to eat more food without worrying about spill-over i.e. when I’m in a surplus or just trying to lean out slightly.

Usually during these times I’m mostly just doing weight training to preserve my muscle mass. If you refer to a pro like Prisoner, he’s said himself that a few weeks before his contest he cuts out cardio altogether and focusses purely on starving himself, but someone can correct me if I’m misquoting him. If you’re going to only lift, keep the weights relatively heavy and the volume relatively low and make sure your pre/post workout nutrition is in order.