Just Watched 'Stay Hungry'

I watched “Stay Hungry” for the first time last night. It was on one of the premium cable channels uncut. I am somewhat embarrassed to say I liked it. A couple of observations:

  1. sally field was damn hot when she was younger

  2. Arnold’s acting (when he actually had to act in it) was actually quite good, he even won a Golden Globe for Best Acting Debut.

  3. I was surprised at how small Arnold and some of the other body builders of the day actually
    looked compared to the average men in the film. Now they were, of course, in outstanding shape.

There is a scene where Arnold is pumping dumbbells in preparation for going onstage to pose. Jeff Bridges is beside him and Arnold did not look as massive as I thought he would beside
a skinny Jeff Bridges. He looks much bigger in later movies such as Conan. I guess you can do amazing things with lighting and camera angles, such as making Tom Cruise look like he is 6 feet tall.

  1. The difference of the physiques from when this movie was made, early 70’s, and the early
    80’s, when I started following bb, was quite obvious: greater size, much improved definition and vascularity. Was it science? knowledge about nutrition? new training methods? (are there ever really “new” training methods, it seems like stuff is just recycled)

  2. the scene with the street posing in the end was great

  3. did i mention sally filed was hot, and nude?

Can anyone find this movie online? If so wanna post it here?

Arnold was told by the director to be at least 210 or less for this role - he was something around 235-240 at the time. I believe he went down to 201 or something?

I’m pretty sure this was made when he ‘retired’ from bodybuilding and was more focused on his acting career.

Great movie, saw it a few years ago.

Why are you embarrased to like it?

I heard about this movie a few years ago… I couldn’t find it anywhere so I decided to buy it on Amazon. I must say… The movie surprised me.

I thought this movie was great, it has become a staple in my collection of bodybuilding movies; and yes Sally Field is SUPER HOT and naked in this movie!

I’ve always liked the film. No embarrassment here. At times poignant and funny.

As hardgnr already said, Arnold was asked to drop up to 40 lbs so he wouldn’t dwarf Sally Fields on film.

Back in art school, everyone used to say my wife (who was just a girl I had a crush on then) looked like a young Sally Fields.

[quote]Iron Dwarf wrote:

Back in art school, everyone used to say my wife (who was just a girl I had a crush on then) looked like a young Sally Fields.[/quote]

Post pics for accuracy. Naked preferably.

Funny you posted this. I DVR’ed this movie and just watched it for the first time this morning myself. I definitely concur with the observation about Sally Field. Those Daisy Dukes she had on at the end of the movie were “wah wah wee wah!”

The only part that made me cringe was all of the BB’ers running around in the street in their posing trunks then busting out an impromptu posing session. A little . . . odd.

that chick is hot.

A young nude Gidget eh? I must find this movie.

Arnold actually learned how to play the violin for real for that movie, Im not sure if he was below 210 in that movie but he was told to drop weight.

Who else thinks he banged sally field, she was hot back then.