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Just Watched Road To The Arnold!

Holy sh*t! Kenelley does 315 30 times!How about 405 for 20! The dude is a beast. If you get a chance check out this dvd for sure!

Yea, it’s fuckin nuts. His bar speed is incredible even upwards of 500 raw. But then again, I guess that’s not too much weight for him to handle, so no wonder it’s fast.

I would have liked to see a “plot” or some kind of “narration,” but if people don’t need that, check it out. Even still, I enjoyed it.


Matgic, is that Avatar of you? If so ,pretty impressive. Yeaah, serious bar speed. The dude moves 600 like I move 250.Jusy out of curiosity, ever heard wht he squats or d.l.'s?