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Just Wanting a Bit More Lean Mass


I have only recently become a member of this page, but been an avid reader for quite a while. Anyway, call me a softcock, but I can't bring myself to stick, so I am going to go with a simple cycle of spawn for my first time ( Oral Tren and epistane I believe) I know some are not fans of this, but basically I have a mate who bought it back from the states.

I have looked everywhere (except BB. com, would not throw the posters on there as far as whitetiger's dick length) but cant seem to find answers to these questions:

1) I understand oral spends much less time in the bod than injected, this is a positive for me as I want a short sharp introduction,but how long approx will it remain? Was hoping to run for 4 weeks starting mid june, then PCT for however long I need to. Would love to be clean by mid sept.

2)I read Anthony Roberts who said he used albuterol during PCT. I am not planning this with the exception of maybe commencing this in the last week of my pct. Will this overlap have much effect.

Gonna see how this goes, then might look at 'graduating' early next year.

Current stats are 29 years old, 6'4, about 230-235lbs and 10-11%bf. Wanna be about 215lb @6% or less or so by early october. Training is quite good and diet is clean. Made sure of this for a good 12-18 months before I even considered this path.

Apologies for the long post but would appreciate comments.



Well - not to sound elitist, but the supplements you have mentioned are (i assume) either Pro-hormones or designer steroids - they are not oral AAS in the usual sense of the word.

The point is, while i admit i know nothing about the pro-hormones/designer steroids that are used today, i DO know that they are not only less effective than 'regular' oral AAS, they are less well understood AND more expensive!

I personally would think that even if injecting was a no-no, that if one can get Albuterol, then they could get 'real' oral steroids.

I would also suggest that if injecting is something you are willing to do eventually, dont waste your HPTA, money, health and time on the crap you are about to. Do it properly or not at all is my opinion.

I am not saying that some PH/DS are not effective - i am saying that you can get more for less.

JMO :wink:


If you really understood what a piddly-assed, nothing thing it was to do a simple intramuscular injection (and for God's sake, it really is nothing), you would be ashamed of your original post.

But at least then you could focus on an honest to goodness first cycle, incorporating TESTOSTERONE, and getting the most out of your very important "first time," rather than wasting it on what you happen to be able to acquire, and what you happen to avoid out of fear and ignorance.

No offense intended.


No offence taken. I got the albuterol in Belarus when there recently and at the time had no desire to try any aas/ph/ps at all. I haven't wasted money as the spawn stuff is free. Good point about the HPTA though Brook.

My biggest concern is not about it being less effective, but rather the liver issues and other potential sides. Oh and typo in the original post, should be my goal of 225 @6% not 215. Also, I thought Epistane (from other posts I have read) was a true oral steroid. Anyways, thanks for the replies so far.


Epistane may be - but at the equivalent cost of Anavar, i would rather the Var or some Drol/Winny personally :wink:

I would have also thought that if Liver Values were one of the number one concerns for a Steroid user - they would not think twice about the type of drugs to be used.


Why Albuterol PCT? Listen to Cortes and Brook.


My intention is not to run alb at PCT except maybe the final week, I just heard that it's been done before and wanted some comments. I got alb before considering a aas/ph/ps cycle. At the moment, I am still 'just considering' it. Anyway hypothetically, if I were to run this 'spawn', being oral tren and epistane, as per my original post, does anyone have an idea of the clearance time?

I do appreciate the comments above, but this was my original question. I am currently out of action in my sport due to a lower limb injury and find this a good opportunity to get some upper body size before recommencing. Just that i need to be clear by mid sept. was planning on commencing in the next 2 weeks if I do go ahead with it.

Sorry if I sound like a bit of a novice when it comes to PEDs, I am one, but trying to research as much as possible. While the liver issue is one of my main concerns, I feel that if properly cared for during the cycle I will be fine, biggest issue is either still having the drug in system,or a dodgy t/e ratio. Thanks again all


If thats the methyl tren its realy highly liver toxic! Dosages in the micragram effective.But should clear the system very quickly. Theother stuff dont know. Hope your not one of our AFL or rugby players. Sick of seenem in the news lol.


Rest assured Lurchandy, I wont be joining them in the news :wink:


No, its not REAL Methyl-Tren, ie. MethylTrienolone, it is a PH version - maybe effective, maybe suppressive, definitely not the one you are thinking of..


I have a friend right now who is taking kilosports trenadrol @ 90mg a day. He is getting pretty insane strength increases. As a powerlifter who has numbers that hold up nationally, I think he is getting impressive results.


My understanding is that it converts to dienolone in the liver, would this shorten the detection time and half life of the substance compred to if it was methyltren?