Just Wanted to Say Thanks

I signed up at BBing.com several weeks ago in the OV35 section hoping to get questions about TRT answered. It seems they are all against it over there so I was treated like crap, told I was negged, and finally booted. Still not sure what negged means. No matter, I came over here and got all my questions answered without putting up a single post.

That’s great service.

Welcome…keep reading…keep lifting…enjoy…lots of very smart people here.

No doubt this is the place to learn about HRT. I posted a few questions and got them all answered. I should have done what you did tho, because most all the answers were already in the forum.

I’ve visited a few other forums too. But the folks here are unbelievable … willing to patiently answer questions that have no doubt already been asked a hundred times. And they are NICE about it too.

I’ve seen other forums where someone will ask a question and the response is a curt, “Do a search!”

So what does “negged” mean?

beebuddy, it means given negative reputation points. Some forums let members rate others’ posts with positive or negative reputation points.

To the point: I am also very grateful for this board. I don’t go to bb.com anymore, and I had a decent reputation there.

Negged… hmm.

Sounds too much like nag. Which it seems is what they ultimately do.