Just Wanted to Say Thanks!

Just wanted to say thanks to all who post on here. After a significant amount of time lifting and adjusting training and eating habits, I was simply unable to add the strength and size that I wanted.

Being a firefighter, I didn’t feel comfortable with my bodily limitations, wondering sometimes if even adrenaline wouldn’t be enough to fuel my muscle cells should I need to rescue someone, or myself.

At 29 years old, 5’8 150-154lbs, I have poured over every website, book, magazine, and personal advice I could. I’ve tried dozens of different workouts, meal and eating styles, supplements, etc…nothing added the size and strength I need.

I tried AAS after MANY late nights of reading and rereading the posts on here, and am very satisfied with my results as far.

Currently I am halfway through a simple newbie cycle of 500mg of Test Enth twice a week, for ten weeks. I have Nolvadex for possible side effects, as well as for PCT. I also plan on adding a little DHEA, and some of the OTC testosterone-boosters such as 17-HD, or tribulus.

So far, I’ve put on about fifteen pounds, being at 170lbs yesterday. Workouts are more intense, focused, and everything is clicking remarkably well. I’m very optimistic about the remainder of my cycle as well as a possible future one.

Anyways, I’m sure I did some things incorrectly, the difference being that I learn from these, and would have done even MORE incorrectly without the posts on this website to read.

Unwittingly, all of your posts have been remarkably helpful, and I appreciate every bit of knowledge that has been shared with the rest of us.

Good luck to all!!

Seems like you a good cycle going there. Always good to start simple. I’ll be interested to see your results at the end of the cycle.

Good for you. Test is Best. In your line of work, you will certainly reap the benefits of the gear. Shoot, it might even help you save lives!

Well there’s an example of informed use.

Great post. A properly researched simple cycle. And thank you for the job your doing.