Just Wanted to Say Hi!

I’m new to the T and just wanted to introduce myself. I’m 50

220 on a 5’ 9" frame. I’m kind of new to the whole body building scene. In Feb. I weighed in @ 265 and was having health problems.

Nothing serious but it was easy to see my health was on the decline. I have worked out with a vengence (prmarily cardio) at first. I weighed in at 220 on June 1st. Everyone has told me I lost the weight to fast but I say to bad cause it’s off.

I mixed in some pretty intense free weight routines to go along with my cardio. I did not think I would bulk up due to my age and hormone production but I have! I have great size and def in my legs(calves,quads,hams), I have good size in my arms , chest and back but lack definition! My abs aren’t there yet but I’m starting to find them(sorta).

I will be asking questions from time to time. I’m interested in learning how to cut for more definition. The whole bulk thing was an accident(but I like it!)

So I give thanks to the T for being such s great site!


Hey, welcome aboard. Congrats on taking control of your health and getting fit!

Hey, Shive. All of us are here to learn and to grow in the right direction. You have taken the first step by taking control of your body. Congratulations. Welcome aboard.

Keep at it, fight thru the occasional doubts we all deal with and drive on!!

Welcome, I second Blacksnake.

Welcome to this forum! You seem to have found what works for you…now it sounds like it just needs some tweaking to get you where you want to be. Good Luck; Train hard & safe!

Good luck!

Welcome! I just wanted to touch a bit on the bulking and cutting thing. Whenever someone starts weight training, they get pretty fast results as your body adapts to training. Once the initial boost plateaus, it gets more difficult to make gains so be aware of this and don’t let it discourage you.

Another thing to remember is that the vast majority of people are not lean and muscular. Being lean and muscular at the same time is not easy and it isn’t going to happen without extraordinary effort. Definition is 99% nutrition so if that’s what’s important to you know, learn as much as you can about nutrition. Here’s a lot of great information from one of the best:


Best of luck and keep up the good work!


[quote]vroom wrote:
Hey, welcome aboard. Congrats on taking control of your health and getting fit![/quote]

Bump. And not to plug my old pal Vroom’s thread, but check out his Beginner’s thread. Good stuff, indeed!!

Thanks everyone for the welcome! I realy appreciate the encouragement and the tips of sites to go to.

Thanks to HappyDog and HeadHunter there is a TON of good info just in your suggestions!

Old Navy: MAN when I grow up I want to be jus like you! Great tude and great bod keep it up! It truly is inspiring!

I’m a pretty modest guy but I do plan to post some pics. They won’t impress, but it will put that proverbial stake in the ground as point 0!

Thanks again to you all!