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Just Wanted Some Thoughts On My Physique


Looking to compete sometime here in the next year or two what do you guys think of the physique and what division do you guys think I’d do best in right now? The leg pic isn’t super defined cause I had a crazy pump in it :joy: Sitting at 165 right now at 5’5”


How big are you’re arms? Just curious, as in measurementz

Looking great :slight_smile:


Arms are 16 rn only :sob:


16 inches is really good for someone your height. You’re looking really good. Really nice shoulder!


Low bf. Pretty nice. 16in arms at your height and bodyfat are very good.


Classic Physique.
(Need better poses and full body shots to determine what division would serve you best.
Front Double Bi
Abs and Thigh
Most Muscular
Overall your pretty big.