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Just wanna thank you!

Hi just wanted to thank T-MAG for working with such gret Coaches!'Thanks to all the Defrancos Davies Waterburys and this awsome forum! Why?
I have managed to construct 3 week programs for myself that work amazangingly good.

Today I have dunked the first time in my life with two hands and my coach smiled because it was sooo easy.
I tried a putback but missed it. I know fundamentals are more important, not only i got so explosive my rebounding and defense got even better.
It is a great feeling on it self but knowing that the hard work is paying of is so much better!

I will continue to hit my hams, abs and back hard. I have also new PR’s on bench and deads, just don’t want to tell you the numbers because they are still low compared to my BW which is 185 at 6?2. I have been training very heavy the last weeks because maxstrength is mainly what I was/am lacking. If i could get my squat to 300lbs I think i would be flying.

Again thanks to everybody!

PS: more tips are welcome!

Good job man, I know what you mean, this forum they have here is unbelievable with all the big time coaches they have here.

hey how about posting those routines up

If you are intrested, fine I will take the time to type them into the pc, because i keep them on log. You must be aware of my cycles being very individualized towards my weaknesses and I often tend to change things up.
I have had much succes with the nitrosquat method by john davies. 1st set 50 light 2nd set heavy 3rd set light 4th set heavy…

I will try to post my recent cycle these days.



how did you find out what your weaknesses are? what kind of tests do you use? or are you comparing your lifts?