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Just visited my 3rd endocrinologist...

and he was just as un-helpful as the other 2.

I am 22 years old.
I am currently being treated with 90mg testosterone cypionate per week, and nothing else.
My last testosterone labs were 300 ng/dL on the day before next injection. I feel much better than before TRT (when my test level was less than 100), but still feel not the best. All of the endocrinologist say my level is fine, it is in normal range so they won’t add a higher dose.

My PRIMARY concern is that I want to be treated with HCG because I want to have the possibility of having children later in life. All three endocrinologists will not prescribe it because it is too expensive and they say insurance companies will only approve it if I am trying to have a child right now.

So I can either get off TRT and go back to the low 100s of test and feel like crap, or I can risk getting permanent shutdown…I don’t know what to do.

Because it’s too expensive and not covered by insurance? They really said that?!

Please read the advice for new guys sticky and the others, one is about finding a TRT doc.
Also read the protocol for injections sticky.

After you digest the above, come back to this post with details about you and your lab work.

[quote]C27 H40 O3 wrote:
Because it’s too expensive and not covered by insurance? They really said that?![/quote]

Those were his exact words yes.

Ksman thanks for your reply. I am not seeking advice on optimal treatment…I understand what I need (I have read stickies multiple times) I am stuck with one injection per week because it is done at the dr office.

Right now my main concern is getting the other drugs before I nail down my protocol.

So based on the sticky I should call pharmacies and ask them to look up doctors who are prescribing hcg to men? Can they even legally tell me? Is this my only route other than shooting in the dark for endocrinologists? I cant go to male clinics because im too young…

No problem getting hCG once you have a script.