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Just Under 14 Weeks Before 2 MPD Shows


this weekend saturday will be 13 weeks out from my next 2 series of natural MPD shows i have set for the fall. one within the IPL and one within the INBA here is SoCal.

I am 6’1" and 189lbs in these shots taken this past saturday morning.

open to your thoughts and comments. i know its hard to say shit without anything prior but i dont feel like putting the past 9 weeks pics ups right now. sorry gang!


You have good potential. I think you and I have similar issues: weak upper pecs and a relatively larger waist. Really focus on upper pecs, lower lats, and side delts! What’s your routine?


Do you have Full body shots? With your height I’m concerned you may look lanky and I can’t really get a good idea from the cropped pics you uploaded.



you should link to some of your previous threads. I know you’ve posted a lot of shots over the years.

Have you put on any size in the last year?


Clicking on the pics removes the cropping. They’re full body shots.


Thanks, was at the beach and just glossed over at first.

Hmmnnnn you’re obviously gonna need to be a lot tighter, which means you’re gonna have more of an issue in regard to your height. If I recall correctly, you’ve competed before,… How much lbm would you estimate you’ve put on since your last outting?



I had been and have been powerlifting from Jan 1 once back from 7 month deployment through the end of last year where I floated around 205 up till the start of this prep or as I call “taper” since I do not formally cut down as a bodybuilder needs to for looks and weight class needs. I was about 12% via 7 site skinfold at the start of cutting 9 weeks back. I got strong as shit during the 7 months I did powerlifting logically. Best PR’s of my life actually.

I really got the bug bad to get on stage and made the call to get a couple shows in by years end. Last 2 shows I did in fall 2013 I came in at about 178-180ish on show day. Started from about the same weight I was for this prep as well or about 205ish.

My block II mesocycle of 6 weeks which began the 1st is linked below. Still at just 2x weekly cardio. I get more then I likely need from my day job as a fitness director/instructor.


Thanks for all your guys very helpful comments so far. Much appreciated!


11 weeks out from show day. INBA pro/am world cup, chula vista, ca, nov 5th, mens physique

191.2lbs and 11.1% BIA as of this morning.

great last week of training. 3 weeks down on this 6 week block. loving it and still making PR’s in the gym too!


You definitely have enough time to come in ripped.

Dude, I am getting ready for my first two bodybuilding shows (you can see my thread). I went back and forth for years with traditional bodybuilding splits while giving upper-lower splits a go here and there. I am telling you, from my own progress and hanging with pro bodybuilders (two of them being my close friends), I believe you should DROP the upper-lower splits and powerlifting training for the most part. I am not saying there is a problem with dabbling with that a bit here and there for a few months per year over the long term, but if you want to compete in physique, you are really going to have to transform some of your body parts.

One of the close friends mention is Arash Rahbar, who is a former IFBB physique pro and current classic physique competitor. He has his own thread. He knows the deal.

Considering your height and structure, you are REALLY going to have to bring up your lats and delts. I mean A LOT for physique. I am not speaking as if I am some seasoned vet, but I know what’s out there and who I am going up against going into my own shows.

You have potential for more size, but it will likely take a split routine, which will allow you to hammer the shit out of your lats and delts. Physique success favors the top heavy look, the big chest, sweeping lats and capped delts. That takes a lot of work as a tall guy with your structure.

I wish you well because I realize this is a damn lot of work and there is passion in it. Do this show and then spend a year packing on size.

@The_Mighty_Stu might have great advice to provide here and knows a shit ton about this stuff. He is our resident expert. You listen to him, you will improve! Actually I am just going to suggest you hire him! Arash too, but for some reason his handle is not linking here.


Great responses man, much appreciated. Putting it out there like it is helps me big time as it would anyone who has to be told what is truly needed for their own good.

I want to say that for the 6 week block before this one (3rd week at present) I was not doing upper lower split routines. I was doing a 4 day split routine with back, chest, legs and arms.

This 6 week block now is a 5 day routine of upper push, upper pull, legs and then 2 full body power days with more speed work and plyo based work on compound movements.

My single hardest aspect to overcome is that although I only do 30 minutes of sprint intervals voluntarily (I have loved them since my high school sprinting days) I also get 2-3 hours of cardio from a mild to high intensity 5x a week for my job as a fitness director with military. I cant avoid it. That cardio does not help in the size game, muscle sustainment game or the recovery game for a guy with my build.

Plus…do you not feel that even with a true 5-6 day split where one can pound the muscle groups directly and more focused…that going just once a week I have been finding more and more…is just not optimal frequency for building mass compared to 2+ times no?


Of course I find a frequency of once every five to seven days with high volume optimal. It’s what I do! It’s also what nearly every bodybuilder worth his salt does!


That may be the biggest hurdle for me to get over as I have done twice weekly body part training for well over a year now at least. Other then the last 6 week block I just had with a 4 day body part split which I did like…was not my normal thing.

I am very curious to have @The_Mighty_Stu weigh in on his thoughts with 4-5+ day body part splits for optimal use for stage based fitness needs for natty’s compared to higher frequency training.

I am gonna seek out your boy Arash Rahbar as well as look at his thread to see how he gets things done for comparison.


That’s what he uses, split routines. There is almost no pro bodybuilder, natty or not that does not use a split routine.


Firstly, good luck with continuing your prep and your show man! @The_Mighty_Stu coached me as well this year for my first two natural bodybuilding shows, hell of a guy! Here’s my .02:

Not at all, once per week body part splits are the staple of bodybuilding! Once per week body part splits are the gold standard for bodybuilding, because they work. Check out these articles for some great info on designing a great Bodybuilding program by Clay Hyght. Part 1, part 2.

Now, this is not to say you can’t make gains on 2x per week. For example, right now I just started a plan training twice a day, hitting every muscle twice a week. But, I’m going to do 2 weeks on, 1 week off and see how that goes. I recently have been hitting shoulders and arms twice a week for 5 weeks, then the past 2 weeks back to once per week for some recovery. Ultimately I’ll go back to a 5 or 6 day split for my next prep as I did for my shows, and for the past few years. I think @BrickHead mentioned that varying up a little bit every now and then is good and should be done smartly, but the once per week body part split should be your foundation, your backbone IMO.

Remember the point of training is to RECOVER from training. So, more isn’t always better. If you’re hitting once per week, you can really go after it and destroy the workout, get some drop sets in, or forced reps, and enjoy a week of recovery for that muscle. Also keep in mind certain muscles are worked regularly in some manner. When you work chest, triceps are getting some action. Same with back and biceps.

I think there’s merit to once per week, twice per week, etc., but twice per week does run the risk of overworking the muscle and not getting enough recovery if you’re not careful.

It seems like you may be overthinking this a little bit. As @BrickHead has already mentioned, bodybuilders do split routines. Natty or assisted, it works. Higher frequency has it’s place at times, for in terms of longevity and consistency, you just can’t go wrong with a standard split routine.

Again, higher frequency (hitting the muscle more than once per week or training twice per day) DOES NOT NECESSARILY mean you’ll make more progress, and it’s possible you may be overworking/under-recovering. I would very, very highly recommend designing a standard split routine. It doesn’t need to be a “hurdle”, just design the program and start it. Use the Clay Hyght articles as a template, easy to plug in some exercises and get started. I used that program for a year and a half before making some tweaks.

Regarding your BF levels, I wouldn’t stress about it or use the calipers or whatever, it’s irrelevant IMO. Look in the mirror, take pics and go from there. The judges don’t care about your BF percentage, just how you look.

Definitely focus on lats and delts, you want that nice V-Taper. Also if you’re not working calves directly, definitely do! Twice a week is good, I usually do them at the end of the workout. 4 sets standing calv press followed by 4 sets seated (or vice versa.)

Good luck, keep us posted!


Where can I find Arash Rahbar’s thread at? I only found his intro IFBB Pro intro thread from back in April this year…is that it or does he have a training log some place also?


That’s it right here on the BB forum, no training log.


So you are what, nine weeks out now? Can you tell us about the natural MPD shows? Are you competing in physique or something else?



Recap of what I put in the other thread (leaning out/contest prep) by accident…

10 weeks out yesterday. (9 weeks 6 days today) pics taken this am after getting back in from Santa Monica, CA late last night.

10% BIA and 190lbs scale reading. feeling good at ~2500 kcals daily with variations in just carbs/fats pending day of week via carb cycling tactics i been using for 3 weeks now. down 1.3lbs so no change in diet or cardio at this time. 10 weeks “tapering” down, 10 more weeks to go till show day. the last 4-5 weeks i truly begin to “cut” when foods get more specific, fixed and really consistent. im likely around 2100 or less about that time or at least have been in past show preps. will see whats needed this time round.

Doing MPD in the INBA/PNBA Pro/Am World Cup in Chula Vista, CA on Nov 5th. Having done 1 NPC and 1 ANBF MPD show before back in fall 2013 I can say now that I prefer and desire doing bodybuilding contest much more then MPD. I did 4 Natural bodybuilding shows in the INBF between 2004-2007, one every fall back in Wisconsin. I then took time off for graduate school and did powerlifting through early 2013 when I did the 2 MPD shows in late fall that year. Back to powerlifting since then until late June this year when gears switched back to stage based fitness objectives.

I hate not being able to hit formal poses, not show my legs, and not go for the look of a bodybuilder. I wish like all hell to be frank…I could build up to do a classic physique division show more than anything. My build however and my job with shit tons of cardio based group x classes makes that objective as likely to happen as trying to swim the english channel.


What were your results? Win, place?

Man, more power to anybody that wants to get on stage, but, nothing personal, I don’t see it. A few years ago I thought about competing just because I was twelve percent body fat, and I did some research, and there was no way I could compete. Those dudes were so much bigger than I am, and so much leaner.

I read that for physique, you need to be close to the Golden Rule, which is a 1.62 to 1 ratio. Google “Greek Classic Proportions.”

For me that meant an 18" bicep - mine are 15", and it would take me thirty years to get them to 18 inches.

My thighs would need to be 27"…mine are 23" at best.

So maybe I am wrong. But, check out @EyeDentist, he’s jacked, natural, and over fifty (like me).

I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but frankly, I don’t think you have the mass to compete. I’d be surprised if @The_Mighty_Stu and @robstein didn’t agree, but I think they are just too nice to say anything.

I really don’t mean to be a dick, but I just don’t want you to get on stage and be embarrassed. It may be my issue, but hey, I’m willing to be a kill joy because I am concerned for you.

I am probably woefully ignorant about these contests, so if I am totally off base, I apologize.

Sorry man, wish you well, still following.


B[quote=“The_Myth, post:20, topic:220121”]
For me that meant an 18" bicep - mine are 15", and it would take me thirty years to get them to 18 inches.

Dude, no diss here but but if you don’t come near your max potential for arms or overall growth in five to seven years naturally with consistent training and nutrition, thirty more years won’t get you there. :slight_smile:

Most naturals, even VERY good ones, do not have lean eighteen inch arms. I don’t even think Mentzer had arms much over eighteen inches. If I recall correctly they were almost eighteen inches.

I was actually considering physique, but I do not have the so-called “top-heavy” look. Plus I think my legs are OK, so I wouldn’t want to hide them. And that’s what I was referring to earlier in this thread. The guys who choose to do physique usually have the really bulbous pecs, with a ton of lat (with low insertions) and shoulder size. Me, I have a flatter chest, narrowish clavicles, and my waist, though not big, does not appear small because of that. @The_Mighty_Stu