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Just Turned 62 - Still Here


Just to show that I am still here, and still trying to stay in shape! Still staying “natural” as well.


another photo


a back shot


You look fantastic. Keep it up, so I’ll never have an excuse to quit or slack off.


Awesome job! Glad your still here.


I’m glad I’m still here too!


Well done! What do you do to stay in shape?


I try to work out 3 times a week, and stay active the rest of the time. I have varied my routines every 6 months or so. I am currently doing a full body workout. I will post some newer photos soon, maybe in time for my 63rd birthday in June!


Heaps of respect.


Show-off … well done you look great


Outstanding and inspirational! I am in my early 50s and it is great to see that I won’t fall apart in 10 years if I stick with lifting!


Even when I feel I AM falling apart sometimes, I just keep on going. Thanks!


Great shape man! Great! Tell us your secrect! Kidding… but you are awesome!


Now almost 64.