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Just Turned 42, Want to Know if This Plan Would Work for Me?

A little about me. I’m 42, 5’11, 190lbs and want to start weightlifting again. Four years ago, I did crossfit for about a year (this was the first time I ever lifted weights) and got up to a 320lbs back squat (5x5), 255lbs front squat (5x3),175lbs overhead press (4x5), 455lbs deadlift (4x5) and 255lbs bench (5x5).

It’s been over a year since I worked out. Life happened but I would like to weightlift again. Back when I had those numbers, I was 225lbs so I’m smaller now (about 35lbs smaller). Alot of it was fat but it was still weight that made it easier to lift.

I’ve been reading up and and would like advice on what would be the best workout. I want size.

I was looking into this:

Here is my plan:

Bench Press, 5x5
Machine flys, 3x12
Push Ups, 4x rep it out

Standing curl, 4x5
Chin ups, 3x rep it out
DB concentration curls, 3x15


Pull up, 4x rep it out
Deadlifts, 4x5
Machine row, 3x12
Lat pull down machine, 4x15

Bicycle crunch, 4x rep it out
V-ups, 3x rep it out


Overhead press, 4x5
DB lat raises, 4x10
DB front raises, 3x12

Dips, 3x rep it out
BB overhead extension, 3x10
Tricep kick back, 3x12

Bicycle crunch, 4x rep it out



Back squat, 3x5
Front squat, 5x3
Leg extension, 4x12

Seated Leg Curl, 4x8
Lying Leg curl, 3x12

Calf extension machine, 5x10
Seated Calf, 3x12

What do you guys think? I’ve got MyFitnessPal so I can track my calories, shooting for 2,300 cals a day, 201 protein, 173 carbs and 89 fat. I get 8-9 hours of sleep a night and drink at least 8 glasses of water.

Anywhere I can do better?

Thanks for any help, guidance or advice.

I think you should do legs on Thursday. The way you have it, you are getting shoulder work on Mon, Tue, and Thu. Putting legs in Thu will separate it a little.

Do 2-3 sets of leg curls before deads as warmup.

I would take out the chins on bicep day. I think they will affect your Tue back work. Maybe hammer curls?
I suggest you add some high rep tricep work on bench day, maybe 4x20 pushdowns. Everyone can use triceps twice a week.
I would replace the flyes with some type DB press. Not a fan of flyes, they work but scare the hell out of me.
These are just suggestions like you requested. Its a solid program though.