Just Turned 35

I’ll be competing in the APA. They have a raw division. I know for a fact that they have meets in Maine on a regular basis.


warm up- BARx20, 95x10, 135x5, 175x4, 205x3
skill sets- 235x1p, 255x1p, 275x1 t&g
work sets- 245x3x3 t&g
Legs Up BP
200x3 w/3 second pause
190x3 w/5 second pause
180x3 w/5 second pause
Paused Incline BP
175x6 for 4 sets
Dumbbell Rows
55x30 both arms
H Rolls
4 sets of 12

Well, the 275 was the heaviest weight I’ve handled since February and it moved just like that… slowly.
My friend says not to worry, just a little fine tuning should get me in shape for a 315 at the meet.

Long time without a post…
Long story short, I competed in the 12/13 meet but fell short of my goal of 315.
My last workout included a paused single at 300 and a touch-and-go double at 295.
I weighed in at 208 on the nose. My attempts were:

280- easy, no problem
305- tougher, but still with room to spare
325- almost stapled to the bench!

I am currently training for the 3/28 APA Northeast Coast Open.
My training has been very different. I did six weeks of higher rep benching and now have just transitioned back to lower rep work.
My last workout of the high-rep phase included a paused set of 225x6 on the incline bench.
I feel much stronger than I did in December and my body weight is up to 215.

After this 3/28 meet, I will be going on a serious diet! Goal body weight would be 175 which would be much healthier for a guy who stands 5’5…