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Just Turned 30 & New Cycle


I just turned 30 and I am getting married at the end of april. I am wanting to lose at least half of my body fat and gain lean muscle mass. I have played with injectables before but have not had any in a while.

I am wanting to purchase a new cycle and get back into it. I have already started going back the gym a few months back so I am ready to start supplementing my workouts. I have started on a nutrition plan as well to aid my supplements and get me on track to a better standard of living. I am sitting from what I can figure at about 26-28% body fat right now. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


You're not going to want to hear this but I'd say you could EASILY drop some more fat without touching anything illegal or otc. If you really want to take something you could do the eca stack or some HOT-ROX or alternate the two. Other then that if you really want anyone to take you seriously here please do a few of the following things. Tells us what you eat every day. How do you train and what your major lift lbs are? That would be a start. BTW, congratulations on deciding to get back into shape!


I am currently using a nutrition prigram that was given to me when I was visiting Eating Managment Institute here in Houston. It is a basic program tha tused six seperate meals throught the day.

oatmeal / 6 egg whites
protien shake or MRP
salad/can of tuna
10oz. chicken 1 cup white rice 1/2 cup of veggies
shake or MRP
fish/chicken veggies
whey before sleeping

this is a basic day out of the plan.
Ofcourse they ask that I take vitamins to help supplements

As far as lifts I have not found out what my true max is as of right now. I would say around 180 on flat bench. I have never really developed legs that much over the years, mainly because I hate them but I know the importance of them to full muscular development. I have used a SCARS training program in the past as well.


ECA stack, HOT-ROX, proper diet, cardio. No AAS needed at this point...you can make a lot of progress without it.


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Great nutrition plan-if I were to nitpick, I would replace the white rice with brown rice.
If everyone on this site would follow this eating plan with the proper total caloric intake, there would be far less questions concerning AAS or supplements.


I'm going to agree with everything said here. You'd really be shortchanging yourself to jump on gear right now. See what you can do in the next two months or so...seriously.