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Just Turned 18

I weigh 168 lbs, although I weighed 180 two months ago. Cutting definitely gets harder as time goes on. I’m new to these forums and hope to post here more often.

Back double bi


Not too bad, but your back in general looks like it could use some work. Still, not bad for your age, what are your stats.

great for your age but like previously stated back appears like it could use a wake up call

How tall are you? Just curious, I would never cut at 180lbs.

Not bad for your age. Maybe it’s just me (or the lighting) but it looks like you favor your right side chest/back when doing your barbell work.


…and what are your cutting for?

I’m 5ft 10in right now. I have never seen my abs before and I decided before the summer that this is the time to start cutting to achieve a six pack. Yes, the right side of my body is definitely larger than the left.

I have some pretty bad stretch marks on my right shoulder and pec. I do have some really bad stretch marks on both of my biceps too.

Just curious… are your legs sticks? I ask becuase I’m 6’1 170 and while I’m more toned your much more solid I’d say. And my legs are defiantely sticks. So I’m wondering how were the same weight you look heavier. Chest and Delts are really good, back could defiantely use some work. I used to have the same kind of imbalance and it hurt my shoulders bad.
I’m 18 too by the way so I’m impressed.