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Just Trying to Get It Right, Be Gentle

Working out with a structured program and supplements since 16. Currently us a personal trainer.
167-170 depends on what time a day I weigh

Products on hand, letro, caber, nolv, HCG, endosyn deca 300 10mlx2, endosyn test 300 10mlx2
Proposed cycle: I have read that 12wks on deca is best to achieve maximum results from the product, but I did not read it on this board, I have also read about a ration between test and deca but have since heard that just adding test is enough to avoid sexual sides. So with that being said.

500mg deca-12wks
500mg test-12wks
Letro .5 eod12wks
Caber. 5 eod 12wks
Run HCG weeks 15-18 250iu 3xwk

Is waiting on the HCG long enough for the deca to get out of my system or should I hold off till week 16? Are the amounts of letro and caber enough and do I need to run them the hole time? I have used both compounds before and had sensitivity in nipples before and I am on propecia currently as well. Will the Hcg be enough to boost my levels back to norml?

I could be way off on this cycle I look at several boards throughout my work day and this one seems to be the most conservative so I feel your info will be some of the safest I can get. Try not to rip me too hard.

Overkill on the deca. Big time IMO. Someone with your stats could do well on 300mg. And that is NOT a conservative dose for someone your weight, again in my opinion.

You should frontload both. Run the test for 1 week longer than the deca. I would end the deca at week 9 and continue the test for 10 weeks.

Too much letro and too much caber. The amount of AI you use is dependant on how much T you use. The dose you’ve stated would be appropriate for Arimidex, not letrozole. Caber works well at 1mg per week, divided doses. You don’t need to use the AI right away but if you know you are sensitive to gyno then it’s better to be safe than sorry. I would start the caber around week 2 or 3 unless you start experiencing elevated prolactin side effects earlier than that.

HCG is not to be used for PCT. It is an on cycle drug. Using hCG as the only drug for PCT is a big mistake. Read the SERM/AI sticky.

I have read the serm sticky but it doent say a specific pct for a test deca cycle…(should I just do the nalvodex one listed?) On the HCG how soon, how often and how much do have to run? Front loading, how much would you reccomend I front load with the test and Deca? So 600mg of deca is too much in you opinion? I have read other places that 400 is the minimum effective dose? So much info out there its hard to know which way to go. I read your propecia and deca test posts and I agree with you and I have read similar opinions on other boards. thanks in advance for any knowlegde you can pass onto to me… Basically if you had the all substances listed in the first post, where on properica, had sensitivity to gyno… how would you set up your cycle? i have done research but I just feel that whatever I post… there is always something I should of done or shouldnt do… so I figuar i would just flat out ask…