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Just trained Wallid Ismail with Kettlebells

Just had a great training session with MMA fighter Wallid Ismail. Wallid is one intimidating looking guy. However, he is also very nice and a real class act. I took him through some KB drills such as snatches, swings, windmills, turkish get up. Then I went over some bodyweight drills such as deck squats and headstand leg raises. We got along real well and he is going to talk to his trainer about me working with him twice a week with kettlebells.

Vladimir Matyushenko was there was well. He is a Russian MMA fighter and is very familiar with kettlebells. He said that KB training is like gymnastics in Russia. He showed me some really cool drills that I have never seen before with kettlebells. I will show them in a future article.

Look out MMA world, here I come :slight_smile:

Mike, that’s great, it all seems to be coming together for you, its good to see when a persons passion becomes a career.

Mike - That sounds great. I’m looking forward to that article. Keep up the good work. Your passion and dedication to follow your heart and do what you love is a true motivation for me.

Thanks a lot guys for the praise. I really appreciate it.

Sweet. Looking forward to the article.

Thanks Clint and I will keep the forum updated.