Just Took the Neurotype Test. Would Like Your Opinion?

Hi CT,
New to neurotyping, fascinating stuff!
Just did my test and wondered if the results are as obvious as they look? should i train as a 1A or 1B?

That’s a very clear 1A… a lot of 1As have a higher 1B score because they are so confident that they overestimate their athletic abilities :slight_smile: Also, a 1B tends to have a higher 2A score.

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Hi CT,

What programs do you recommend for Type 1As. My score is similar to Type1 followed by Type 3.


Thanks a lot man! :facepunch:t3:

This is more of a 2A, 3 high results and decent in others. But wait for the coach to verify this.

The test is not the end-all be-all, you need to answer some more questions so your type can be confirmed.