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Just Took the Neuro Test. Am I a Chameleon or Type 1a?

Hi Christian, first of all thank you for all your sharing of your knowlegde.
Can you please tell me if i am a 1 a and should train and eat like a 1a, or am i a Chameleon and should train and eat like a type 2 a ?

Sub-total “Main” 36 29 39 9 2
Sub-Total “Secondaries” 22 -2 10 -6 8
Sub-Total “Other” 25 18 5 -2 1
TOTAL 83 45 54 1 11

Oh and by the way i am a fire sign, born in the year of the dragon 1976 in december making me a sagitarius, just as Bruce Lee, he is also a sagitarius born in the year of the dragon 1940. (pretty cool)

That’s a pretty clear 1A

Thank you for your quick reply and straight forward answer.
I took the Braverman test a couple a days ago and the results was:

1A dopamine - 36

2A Acetylcholine - 40

3A Gaba - 18

4A Serontonin - 32

1B Dopamine - 16

2B Acetylcholine - 15

3B Gaba - 38

4B Serotonin - 17

(have been working nighttime and slept during the day for the last 15 years of my life until september 2018, in the last 6 months i have stop doing this and turned my sleep schedule to 7 hours at night waking up each morning around 07 o`clock with a wood again. ,I am 42 years now, and started on trt for a year ago )

I don’t like the Braverman, it is very limited and even flawed.

Hi again Christian, I just ordered your test for the second time and ended up with different results. The second time the reulsts where 2A with secondary 1B.

I have listended to many of your appearances on different podcasts and heard about you talking about yourself and your type 2A and i recognize myself in alot of what you are saying.
What do you think? am i still a 1A like the results in the first test or should i go for 2A ?
Appreciate your toughts and answers on this.

Here are the results on my second test:

|Sub-total “Main”| 14 | 32 | 26 | 14 | 16 |
|Sub-Total “Secondaries” | 6 | 0 | 24 | 4 | 16 |
|Sub-Total “Other” | 13 | 16 | 8 | 8 | 5 |
|TOTAL |33| 48| 58|26|37|


That’s a 2A with moderately-high acetylcholine… or as I call it a “Type 1B light” :slight_smile:

Thanx for your respond and You taking your time answering Christian.
You are really a people pleaser.
Is it possible to have a videochat with you ?


No it is not. I’m a people pleaser that’s true. But:

a) I only have so many hours in my day
b) It is a paying service that I offer, I cannot do it for free, wouldn’t be fair for my paying customers

Of course I would pay you Christian, I understand that you are a busy man and do not have time for videochat.
I would gladly also pay you for some advice via email, if that is a better option. You read the mail when you have time, and answer it when it suits you and you find time. No rush.
And i pay you for your advice of course.


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