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Just Took the CSCS


Paid my $300 odd and got my slot reserved a couple of months ago, took the test on Sunday.

Science section wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting. 80 questions, a lot of Exercise Physiology related to aerobic metabolism. I can see how I might have failed this one by a few though, Ex Phys and A&P were my worst subjects at college. Finished it in 40 minutes and had an almost 2 hour break until the Practical section (you're given an hour and a half and we had an hour break on top of that in between).

Practical section opens up with the video section which is 40 questions with 40 videos. If you're well versed in basic form you shouldn't have too much trouble but there were a lot of plyometric and sprint based videos so be sure to put emphasis on those sections of the book. Some of the questions were absolutely absurd though- there was a form question on barbell wrist curls and a very ambiguous question on lying tricep extension's transfer to different sports.

Following the videos is another 80 questions. I was very confident going into this section and was definitely surprised when it was the hardest. A lot of questions are phrased ambiguously and I had a hard time narrowing the answers down to even 2 out of 4 on some. Once again, a lot of questions related to plyometrics and sprinting and head positioning. A good number on exercise testing order as well.

Overall though I would be mildly surprised if I didn't pass but I would understand. My best advice is to study the book in it's entirety and do as many practice exams as you can find- they'll get you used to the format and I definitely had some of the same questions appear on the test. Unfortunately I won't be able to find out my results until I graduate in late May.


Wish you the best man, I know that test has to be tough. The regular NSCA CPT was hard enough I can only imagine how those tricky bastards worded some of the questions. Be sure to bump this once you get the results.


Thanks for posting this. I am prepping for the test now and you are the second person who has stated that plyometrics are heavily featured.


I took this at a testing center on a computer screen. My results were printed out automatically 2 minutes after I finished. I have NO idea why everyone wouldn't want to take it this way.


Really? Wow, if I'd known that...


I felt the same way. Just took the CSCS this past weekend. Should have spend the extra money and did the computer exam. Now I have to wait 6-8 weeks to see if I passed..