Just Threw a Baseball Through a Window

I just broke somebody’s window with my baseball. I didn’t mean too so I ran home to get my piggy bank to pay for it. When I came back this guy and his family were outside looking around. They looked really mad and I could smell the alcohol and menthol cig smoke coming off of them. It reminded me of my uncle Toby and I decided I’d wait until they went inside and I’d just leave the piggy bank on the front steps.

As I was waiting in the bushes I heard them say they were going to offer $100 reward at the bus stop tomorrow. I really hope nobody tells them it was me because the guy ripped a STOP sign out of the ground and muttered something about hitting me and sticking it in my pooper. I really don’t want to be hit by a stop sign and have it shoved in my pooper…what should I do? BTW I haven’t told my parents yet.

How board are you?

You should blame it on one of your friends. When he offers the hundred, be like "I bet it was ______ that son of a bitch he is always playing baseball.

Make sure to keep an eye on your pooper at all times. Also when he does find you make sure he doesn’t stick it in there sideways.

That guy was really pissed off on the other thread.


step on the flaming bag outside your house with an open container of lighter fluid inside of it.

[quote]WestCoast7 wrote:
How board are you?[/quote]


[quote]WestCoast7 wrote:
How board are you?[/quote]

Eh a little but mainly I was really bored.

Whole reason I did this thread was that I couldn’t believe that nobody else had done it. I was really disappointed in T-Nation and was hoping with some encouragement it could be returned to it’s former glory.