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Just the FATS please!!!


Healthy Fats

After reading many fat related threads/posts one would have to ask, "what have we learned and have we applied the knowledge that we have acquired"?

Are we comsuming the proper fats that will create cleaner arterial walls, alter our body comp., etc.?

As an avid T-mag reader, I would like to think that many of us here on this forum have made dramatic changes with our daily fat intake.

So I ask you......

What are your top 5 fat sources that you take in most regularly?

Allow me to start:

1)Salmon oil from fish and caps
2)Flax oil (liquid oil)
3)Olive oil (olives)
4)Almonds and walnuts (mostly raw)
5)Canola oil

Like I said: Just the FATS please. :slight_smile:


1.) Olive Oil
2.) Fish Oil
3.) Flax Oil
4.) Nuts/Seeds
5.) Coconot Oil
6.) Butter
7.) Small amounts of borage, primrose oil


  1. Liquid fish oil
  2. Ground flaxseed
  3. Extra-virgin olive oil
  4. Raw mixed nuts
  5. Natural peanut butter

Honorable mention: Tonalin CLA during times of high stress in 6 g. dosages.


My main sources of fat are, in no real order becuase i'm not counting grams of things...

Cod Liver Oil caplets
Cheese (raw)
Whole Milk (only cultured milk like yogurt)
Olive oil

and the lesser amounts come from:
fat from the animals i'm eating
coconut oil
and the occasional(rare :slight_smile: departure from my diet with some commercial salad dressing or mayonaise.

Hope this doesn't throw you off, with your post about what's supposed to be healthy fats. I know i'm kinda in the minority with these types of foods. i'm not sure how i could possibly eat a low carb diet without eating a lot of these fats. I do try extremely hard to eat only organic fats as i know they are carriers of toxins.

have fun with that!!


not currently, but the usual
3)olive oil
4)nuts (mostly pecan)

flax and hemp oils and eggs are also a large source

  1. Fish oil
  2. Flaxseed oil
  3. Almonds
  4. Extra virgin olive oil
  5. Egg yolks
  6. Beef


Honorable mention:

Eggs (yolks)


Did you think Ms Phat (aka Cassanova) would miss this thread? HA!

In no particular order:

1) egg yolk
2) salmon, sardine, and kippers
3) bison, elk and beef
4) flax oil
5) olive oil
6) safflower oil
7) canola oil
8) natural Peanut Butter
9) cashews, sesame seeds
10) avocado
11) 1% cottage cheese and yogurt
12)Lecithin, Vitamin A, E and D


Ooops, I had to list more than 5.

So to list my top 5 they would be:

1) Salmon and sardines
2) egg yolks
3) flax oil
4) cashews, sesame seeds
5) avocados


Where's Neil and his butter-loving goodness? Yay for saturated fat.


Jeez Cass,
Always gotta show us up with your looooooong lists...haha. I like the Ms. Phat comment BTW...very witty...;o)

My main sources of fat in order are:

  1. Fish oil (caps)
  2. Flax seed oil
  3. Lean beef
  4. Extra virgin olive oil
  5. Almonds
  6. Natural Peanut Butter
  7. Egg yolks


Cass, safflower oil would be at the bottom of your list, right? Isn't it chalk full of omega-6 (the whole processing/and or rancidity factor I will leave aside for now)?



Seems like a lot of people wrote their main fat supplements.

I get most of my fat from animal sources. Isn't that how it should be?

I supplement with coconut oil and cod liver oil.

Although I do like avocados since they're a good source of raw fat.


Hey Cass, how much buffalo do you eat? I've actually found it to be a sickeningly lean meat unless you cook it well.


Safflower oil actually has two varieties, a high oleic variety (high MUFA >78%) and a high linoleic variety (high PUFA >78%). I know this fact simply because in my research study we had to use a high PUFA safflower oil to bring the n-6 ratio of the diets to 10%, however, we didn't analyze the oil until AFTER the study was over (our bad), and we found out it was a high MUFA oil!!! The fricken label was wrong, and I had to repeat the entire study again! ARGHHHHH!!! (that's what I'm in the process of doing now).

Anyways, I use both types of safflower oil in my diet, but I don't use it that often (a few times a week).

Like I've mentioned before, it's good to mix up the types of fat you take in each week. So, one day I'll use a high MUFA olive oil, then the next day I'll use a high MUFA safflower oil, then the next I'll use a high PUFA safflower oil etc, etc.

In my view, the ultimate consumption ratio of fats should be 0.7: 1.6: 1.4 (SFA:MONO:POLY) to optimize health and body composition, in a diet of 30% fat or more.

Niel, how do you make a meat less 'sickeningly' lean by cooking it well? Do you ADD oil to it then? And yes, buffalo is pretty lean, but I use it as a source of saturated and monounsaturated fat and iron, B12, and protein.

(You guys may not realize that there is just as much mono as saturated fat in beef, bison, and elk. )



What I mean is that if it isn't cooked well so that it's nice and juicy, then you notice how lean it is, and it's sickeningly lean. lol

I mean, in one pound of the stuff, there's only 6g of total fat! :o

Gimme some pot roast with 60g of fat per pound instead :slight_smile:


NeilG wrote:

"I get most of my fat from animal sources. Isn't that how it should be?"

Most of your fat comes from animal sources? I don't personally do that and I think you'll have a hard time finding people on this forum that do. It flies directly in the face of what we have learned in recent years.
Some animal fat, sure. But letting it be your main source of fat is "less than optimal".


Neil's T levels are probably 1200 ng/dl from being a teenager + lots of animal fats.



Are you talking about grass fed beef or corn fed beef(in relation to your mono comment)? Also, do you know where I could find the breakdown of fats other than saturated fats in beef, venison, and bison?


Wait, what have we learned in recent years?

First was fat was evil. Low fat everything. High carbs. Rice cakes, breads, etc.

Wait! No. Ok, you need some fat, but good fats like a little vegetable oil or something like that.

Oh, hold on. Carbs seem like they're not so good. Or are they? We're not sure yet and haven't made up our minds. Fat isn't as bad as we thought, and you still should get it from vegetable sources.

Ok, what HAVE we learned? What I've learned is that these people can't make up their minds and don't have a clue.

I'll eat the way humans are supposed to eat and stay healthy while these clowns try to figure things out. Humans evolved on fatty animal sources, and were able to develop their complex CNS because of it. I'm not going to fly in the face of nature and avoid the foods that made us what we are today.