Just Tested for Low T - What Now?

Hi guys,

I am new to the board, and what drew me here was the fact that you guys are probably the most knowledgable bunch about raising your T count. I just went to see an Endocrinologist from wanting to get tested (I was feeling tired all the time, and lack of sex drive), and I found out that my T level was 240 (range is 241 to 847). So I am just below the acceptable range. He is kind of a chinese herbologist type of dude, and doesn’t advocate test. therapy because he was saying that it was very tricky and would maybe hinder my reproductive organs later???

My question is this - what should i take, and how much. I am thinking about Androgel. Yes - I will be getting a new doctor. It would be nice if I could do all this online, and not have to take 10 days out of my schedule to see a new doctor, retest, prescribe again, etc. Do you guys have any advice. I am thinking about the Androgel. How long can I take this stuff??? Forever?? Do I have to take estrogen reducers and take stuff to make my balls wake up every 16 weeks???

I literally know nothing about steriods or Test. I am not scared however about any of it and don’t believe the hype put out by the media. Feel free to inbox me if that is better.

On a side note, have any of you guys noticed an increase in facial hair growth when cycling - that would be an added bonus, as I have some patchy areas on my cheeks. Thanks dudes. later.

Find another endo and get onto TRT. Your results are prime so it shouldn’t be too hard to get a script. Most guys seem to prefer injects over gels.

Check the “over 35 lifter” forum. KSMan is the resident expert on TRT there.

Short answer to your question is yes, you will need:

  1. Low dose testosterone 100-200 mg/w
  2. Anti-aromatase like Arimidex or its cheaper, yet effective cousin Adex (same active drug = Anastrozole).
  3. hCG

Good for you getting a new doc. You should also check out the “Over 35 Lifter” forum–they have a few good threads and I think a sticky about HRT.

You definitely want that prescription man. It makes things a world easier. Of course, it’s not as cheap as online stuff, but then again it’s legal. And you could always find a cheap source and be on firmer legal ground since you have a legit prescription.

Obviously, that will necessitate you convincing the doc to let you do your injections at home, because otherwise you’ll have to run into the clinic to get them to inject you.

Probably will need to monitor blood work on estrogen levels to see what’s going on, but I’d say it’s a good bet you’ll be taking some kind of anti-E at a low level. In addition, you might end up taking some hCG to keep the boys awake, but that will be figured out after you start therapy depending on how your blood work goes and how you react.

I’d personally rather go with an injectable. I don’t really care for Androgel, but I’ll be honest and say that’s based on anecdotes. You can’t lose with an injectable.

make sure your doc will help you optimize T levels to the high end, and not just “normal”. Right? Some MDs think as long as you get into low-normal you should be happy. Well I don’t. T range on blood tests is dependent on age, so you could really go higher than 847 and be considered “normal” or “human” levels of T. I think the top end is near 1200 for younger men, not counting adolescent levels. But at the least, make sure your doc is game to help you reach the high end of your range.


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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Test levels alone do not tell the whole story.

You also need to establish values for LH, FSH, E, E2, free T and SHBG.

Thes can give much more insight into what should be the appropriate treatment mechanism for you as an individual.

Whilsh I agree with KSman that T + HCG + AI are likely to be the ‘gold standard’ of drug regimens, you might do OK from just HCG and an AI, if your LH/FSH numbers are low.

You see, low LH/FSH indicates that the primary problem may not be in the testes but in the pituitary/hypothalamus.

High E and/or E2 may be a strong contributory factor in the low LH/FSH or it may be only a relatively minor player.

The AI will reduce E and the HCH will mimic LH/FSH, forcing your testes to do their proper job of producing natural T.

As a bonus of not using T and relying on the AI and the HCG, you should have zero fertility issues, and this regimen may well be enough to get you into a more ‘normal’ range of natural T.

The final piece of the puzzle might be SHBG which, if high, will bind up what T you have, rendering it biologically ineffective.


QFT. Nice rundown.

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