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Just Test Only?


I'm 22 med build 160lbs . I have pre work out and post workout plan with plenty protien . Looking for that extra .

I have test e 300 I prob just do a 1cc on mon and thurs for 10 weeks with my workout plan . And see how my body reacts to the gear .

I can get deca and t3 and eclbruterall (spelling) if I need to add but I maiy just hear ppl take test and workout with it . For to start so what do you think ?



So you have test 300. I would pin 1ml 2x a week for 10 weeks.

Use adex .25mg-.5mg Eod and start pct 2 weeks after your last shot nolva 40/40/20/20

dont use deca or t3 or clen


Yes .

And adex I can order online . And every other day take that .

2 weeks after last shot nolval for the 4 weeks . Can also be purchased online ?

No other gear will be used .. Thank you !! And if u couldn't tell yes I am new to the gear scene . I'm just a regular fitness guy but now think I'm trying to turn up the power !

And test is s good choice for starters I herd good things but what if I were to want mass . Like to be just bulked up !!


Can I start the test now and then start the adex when I get it or would it be best for me to wait


I'm 21
Slim bulid

Pre and post workout supplement plan in place.

Thinking about running 1cc test E per week for a 10 week cycle

This would be my first.

Any advice would be appreciated.



and in the small chance that you are serious, learn to fucking eat before taking steroids or you won't gain fuck all

EDIT: and make your own thread


as for you.. you are also a little light to be considering steroids yet, but i certainly hadn't hit my natural limit before using, so i really can't say too much. If you wanna gain size test will work.. but you have to EAT EAT EAT


how tall are you? post a pic


Preferably fully naked, thats what BONEZ actually wanted to see.


all i do is eat


like i said any advice would be appreciated



You weigh 120lbs dude. You know the Little League World Series on ESPN right now? Those 12 year olds are bigger than you. You need to quit worrying about supplements and steroids and learn how to eat.


You hijacked someones thread. And you have the body of a prepubescent boy. Go to the beginners forum and read. Stop posting here. This isnt the forum for basic advice on how newbs should establish a foundation.


Didn't hijack the thread
Getinugh is my buddy that I workout with.
We are both new to this scene and are seeking advice and whatnot.
I can obviously tell that a person my size doesnt get taken seriously.
That aside if anyone has any useful information (other than sarcasm and/or juvenile jokes) I'd greatly appreciate it.


Youve been given great advice but selected not to hear it, if you cant gain weight on your own what do you think steroids will do for you? 120lbs bro? come on! you guys wanna turn it up a notch? Go to the diet section and learn how to eat, then go to the training section and learn how to train.


Yes he is my workout partner . We are not here to start . Yes we are new but we have no other place to seek info .

We currently have workout supplements and plan and can get anything . What we want is test and a good 10 week cycle and what is needed to take like adex and nolva or what is similar to take while on the test .

Around here the local gear takers say just 1cc a week test and work out . I have been told and seen herd that all my other friends taken just test and work out . Nothing else thus the reason I asked the ?


do you guys know how many calories your are eating each day? grams of protein? grams of carbohydrates?

How many calories does it take you before you start to put on weight? (this will be different for both of you)

are you getting 40+ grams of protein each meal? how many meals per day?

unless you can answer all of these questions right off hand, you should not be using steroids yet. Steroids are NOT as important as diet when it comes to bodybuilding. a natural guy eating 4500 cals a day will put on more size then a guy eating 2500 and taking lots of gear. The point everyone is trying to get across is that putting on muscle works the same whether you are taking steroids or not. If you do not know how to gain muscle naturally, then you won't be able to do it with testosterone either. Learn to bodybuild naturally before you start using gear, or you will be extremely disappointed with your results.


Skinny guys always think they eat a lot, just like fat people think they don't eat that much. Both are equally in denial.

Log you diet for a couple of weeks on fitday.com. Then you'll have an accurate assessment of what you're really eating. It's probably not as much as you think. Do GOMAD for a month at a time if your body tolerates milk. It works. But simply put, if you aren't gaining weight on your diet, then you are eating at maintenance level. It doesn't matter what you think. AAS are not a magical cure, they are only an adjunct. They will never compensate for inadequate diet or training. Remember, you are forcing an adaptation. Your body does this reluctantly and it will always be a struggle. It would rather be fat and have plenty of calories for the uncertain future.

As for training, is your routine built around low-volume, heavy compound lifts? Are you trying to put more weight on the bar every single workout? Or are you doing some split you read in a BB magazine that has you in the gym 14 hours a week, doing 20 exercises each day? 120lb guys don't need to be doing isolation exercises. Your arms will grow with your back and chest, once you figure out how to make them grow. These are all things you need to consider before you even think about AAS.


lol one of the pussies im training said that he "ate all the time".. I spent a day observing him...He ate two lunchmeat sandwiches and a bag of chips total.


yes i understand diet diet diet !!!!!

suppose i diet and have a good workout plan .

can someone answer my question i origionaly wanted answered .