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Just Switched from Cypionate to Propionate. What to Expect?

So started proprionate EOD 100. I previously was using cypionate. My goal is to be able to do away with AI. Today was my 3rd injection. Dr also gave me Letrozole to use if I need a AI since I was having too many sides from Anastrozole. Prescription says 1 per week 20mg is the dose. I won’t be taking a full dose IF I even need it. My question is what should I expect from proproionate at first since cypionate will still be in my system for a few weeks. Or should I not notice much as it leaves my system?

The “side effects” usually aren’t from the anastrazole, but from what it does, lowering e2. Letrozole wont be any better, its stronger if I remember correctly.

What is your E2 like on your last protocol? (which is???)

I heard some say the propionate converts to estrogen faster than cypionate since it doesn’t have any esters to break down over time, it’s a long shot. Don’t ignore low T4 and suboptimal Free T3, it may be why you may be having so many problems, you’re a lean guy and shouldn’t be having excessive E2 issues.

I’ve seen guys with better thyroid numbers than you that thyroid treatment fixed all their issues they were having on TRT.

If you can’t make TRT work on cypionate, you have other problems.

You’re prescribed 100mg test prop EOD? Nice.

Where does that get you to numbers wise

He likely means 100mg split eod.

Like me.

Dr said 100 3x a week. I wanted EOD so I meant to say I’m doing 80 EOD (I divided it out per month) I was taking 100cypionate per week but was dividing that up into EOD. Is this not the equivalent of what I was talking with cypionate?

So reading your comments earlier and talking to my friend who is a Bodybuilder says that is more than a beginner cycle. Now I know nothing about amounts etc. I was on 100 cypionate and switched to prop due to wanting to be able to completely rid myself of using an AI. I am just looking to feel good. Granted I feel great on the current dosing but again I do not want more than I need. What would be the equivelent EOD proprionate dose to 100mg cypionate (which I was dividing up EOD)? I want to cut it back and see if I still feel great. The less I have to take the better.