Just Starting

Okay need some opinions. I live in Australia so keep that in mind.

Just starting to lift weights seriously and have decided to follow WS4SB 3

Plan goes as follows:

30min Run
Max Effort Upper Body

Dynamic Lower Body

30min Cycle

Repetition Upper Body

30min Swim
Max Effort Lower Body



Well I was just wondering if anyone could give me an opinion on what supplements I should take. Definitely want to get the Superfood and Metabolic Drive, but what else would you reccomend.

Thanks for any help.

Why do you think you need supplements?

I presume you want to put on heaps of muscle weight to go up weight class, yes? Superfood is really only used if you are eating so much that you cant stomach your calorie-low fruits and veggies. I would grab a bulk buy of a protein powder and pump yourself with it to meet the nutrition intake that the beginner stickies tell you to.
I would recommend to a beginner simply to start off with no supplements, and gradually add them in as you feel you need them to perfect your diet - I say this because many a beginner either does not understand why they are taking what they are, or becomes dependent on it because they don’t know what it is like to lift weights without it. Dependence on a supplement is never good, you should have the motivation to still lift weights without supplements.

and on the 8th day…he died

[quote]chutec wrote:
and on the 8th day…he died[/quote]

Ha. Maybe, we will see mate.

I should have been a bit clearer. Not just starting training, but WS4SB. Been following Ross Enamait’s principles for a while and work capacity is good. Work a farm and ride bulls, so i understand pain. Though if I find the workload tough I will change it.

Nah I don’t fight anymore. Still doing a bit of training though. Can sometimes come in handy down the pub of a friday or satdy night.

Wanted to try the Superfood, even just for an experimentation. I get me steamed vegies 4 times a week and fruit daily and just want it for the days I don’t eat vegies. You may look at it for bodybuilding purposes or whatever. But from reading about it, it sounds like it has healthy benefits for the average or non-trainer as well.

May take your advice and try without supplements first, but think I will definitely try the Superfood.

what are the goals?

I have a year left before I can join the police force. Want to eventually get into the State Protection Group. Just basically want to be as fit as possible to achieve this.
Still might have a few more rides this year as well

However more specifically, I want to add a bit more size, whilst keeping as close as possible to my current BF%.

Currently about 74-76kgs and 9% BF

Basically sticking to the diet I had when I was fighting, though increasing how much I eat of it.