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Just Starting


I'm starting back up. Did machines for 4-5 years, laid off for eight months with an injury, now I'm three work-outs back into training.

That's a leg shot, I still need to learn how to do one, but they are both the same measurements.


My wife is curious why I'm looking at photos of another guy's penis. I don't really have an answer for her.


Ok..thats not really a great angle, i didnt give you a rating but you might want to consider posting more pictures with better angles.

stats would also be good :slight_smile:


Nice tile. Ceramic? I put vinyl tile in my kitchen. Doesn't look as nice, but boy did I save a lot of money. Looks like the cabinets are a little dated.


this is the first time ive actually seen someone post a lower body but not an upper body shot
need more pics


Your bathroom appears much cleaner than mine. For that I am jealous.


oh that made me laugh!


Upper body is about a 0 on a 1 to 10 scale. Finally able to train after about five years of rotator cuff issues.

I'll have to post more pictures and better ones.

I'm new at taking pictures of myself, though the tile ... we laid that ourselves, it and the cabinets are about four years old. That's not the best angle on the bathroom.


very attractive trash can upper right


There should be a new forum on T-Nation where we can rate peoples homes and their furnishings. I'll give a 10 to anyone who has an indoor pool.


I'm 5'5"

Calves left and right are both 16"

Thighs left and right are both 24.5" -- but I've got some fat, obviously. I've only lost 65 lbs, I've got some more weight to go.

I'll try to shoot another picture, was using the hall bathroom because it has a full length mirror.

I'll be back with upper body pictures in about five or six months when I hope to have something worth posting.


I knew this thread was gonna be funny as soon as I saw the pic, thanks for giving me a laugh today guys :slight_smile:

OP: Glad you took it all in good fun, if you have 2 bathrooms can we see the other one next time?

Good luck with your training :slight_smile:


Are bathtubs considered indoor pools if they're large enough for an orgy?


Ok, I'll shoot pictures of all three bathrooms :wink:




Here is an example with the flash gone wrong and the focus shot. I think I need to do about twenty or thirty more shots for practice before I try to post the "best" of a bad bunch. At least it shows the tile well.


im really diggin those countertops


maybe you should look at other people's legshots to kind of get an idea of how to ya know...get the right angle..


if i say 'i'd hit it', would that only encourage him?


I have.

I need to practice some more with the camera.

I've gotten an idea of where I'm going wrong, but what I really want to do is delete the thread and try again later when I've figured it out better.

I'd just seen a lot of bad shots here on the forum and figured more bad shots would be ok. Live and learn.