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Just Starting Weights at 64

Just retired and have no excuses to not try and get into shape. I just started an all body workout every other day. Power walk a few miles on off days. I am 6 foot with a lanky build, except for all of the fat that I have put on over the years. Just started a 1500 cal diet until I loose the fat. I would like to do this for 60 - 90 days to get the body use to the weights, then start some kind of split routine. I have never been athletic or strong. I want to set myself up for a successful adventure! Any thoughts or advice will be appreciated. Thank you. Gary

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Welcome aboard!
1500 sounds really low to me. You may have to adjust this.

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Great , never too late! I am new to T-Nation as well, but was interested in your post, because my father is around your age and has been doing well with his workouts.

Welcome fresh start, Congrats on retiring. Lots of time to get healthy now. I found a bike was much easier on my knees and I did not get as board compared to walking. If you have a gym close by they can be a lot of fun look for one with guys/gals your age great way to meet new friend that are also looking to improve their health.

Congrats for joining the swole patrol. My best advice is to keep it fun somehow so that you stick with it - it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Avoiding injury is key.