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Just Starting to Take it Seriously

ive been working out for quite a few years now, im 35 yo and ive jut started to take it serious. I do Olympic style lifting and do crossfit style of conditioning. Ive just started taking a Test and Deca stack. 1cc of test 1/2 deca twice a week. Im wanting to cut body fat cause I still have some fat around my stomach but everything else is coming along. I eat clean most of the time but I do have the occasionally bad foods. Im not wanting to get freakshley big but I am wanting to get some size but mainly get stronger and replace the fat with muscle. any suggestions?

You on the roids dude…

with crossfit???

LOL. yeah getting freakishly big is sooo easy. It happened to me one time on accident, but i stopped injecting creatine into my nuts

Clean foods + heavy lifting + patience