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Just Starting, Really Need a Change


I have found myself fat and disgusting and really need a change. I have decided to start using my p90x until I get the time to get a gym membership. I know a lot of people might frown down on this but I'am working towards a better me. Using what I have to make a change. The reason I'am posting is to keep myself honest hopefully I get some encouragement and not to many negative comments. Thanks for looking I will keep posting weekly pictures to show progress.

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 225
Body fat: ? I want to say at least 30%


You will get lots of encouragement here. However some of it may be disguised as a negative comment. But that is usually the best advice.




Welcome aboard and good luck! Just keep your eyes on your goal and don't get stuck in a rut because of where you think you are.


Wow what a first day training I can't believe how bad I let myself go. I did not make it throught the first DVD. Well on to tomorrow and making trought the entire DVD. I will be glad when I can look back at this with no regrets.


It's really good that found something inside of you that not only made you want to change, but actually take steps to make that desire into a reality. Just hold on to that drive to improve yourself and don't let go.

Once you've finished P90x and start hitting the gym, you should probably start with Starting Strength, Stronglifts, or 5/3/1, obviously along with some cardio.


Best of luck, Gonemad. We'll be watching.

In the interest of full disclosure, I think you should know; If you give up, we're all going to laugh at you. Out loud. Right here in this thread.


I for one, applaud you for your willingness to change. Bery few people these days will do that.

How does your diet look?
And how old are you?


Guys, thanks for the up lifting comments. I'am kind of in need of a diet program nothing to crazy just something to burn off this fat. I have read about the liquid diet that Shug does but I feel its to early for that right now also that could be tough on the pocket book. Does anyone have just a basic fat burning diet I could look at. Thanks again for the help and encourgement


find a site like fitday.com, dailyplate.com or calorieking.com. Log all your food for a couple days to get an idea of your intake.

Get a rough estimate of your daily caloric burn.

Then, eat at least 500 cals less than that. Try to eat at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight.

You can keep things simple and they'll still work, especially when you're just starting out.