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Just Starting Out


hey, im just starting out because frankly..im waaay to small. im 5'6 at 130. quite embarassing. I dont know alot but i put together a workout. i know its not perfect but im hoping with your guy's help it can be close to it. so here it is:

day 1
seated row 3x6-10
pullups 3x6-10
barbell pullover 4x6-10
close grip bench press 3x6-10
one-arm cable pushdown 4x6-10
barbell curl 3x6-10
dumbell hammer curl 4-6-10

squats 3x6-10
dumbell lunge 3x6-10
leg extesion 4x6-10
deadlifts 3x6-10
leg curl 4x6-10
sit ups 3x15-30
oblique crunces 4x15-30

dumbell bench press 3x6-10
incline hammer press 3x6-10
dips 4x6-10
dumbell shoulder press 3x6-10
upright barbell row 4x6-10
calve raise 3x6-10

again im a noob so i know next to nothing compared to most on here so any help would be great.


Thats way too much.

For a new kid, I'd suggest having a 3 day split using 6 or the 7 main compound lifts.

Monday: squat, chinups.

wednesday: row, flat bench

friday: deadlift, dips.

Keep it simple, and eat your fuckin ass off. You'll make plenty of progress on a program as simple as this with a high ass food intake.


Its not hard to gain mass, you just have to be committed to it. I started out at 120 at 5'7 benching 70pounds deadlifting 150p and squating 100 pounds. This was at christmas break. Now I just passed 170, benching 180pounds deadlifting 375 and squating 300. This was without steroids, however I seriously considered them. Try out defranco's westside for skinny bastards. Its good. Maybe get Scrawny to Brawny by Dr. John Berardi. Its what got me started. Good luck.


I program like Chad Waterbury's TBT I think is great for beginners.