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Just Starting Out


Hi guys, im new to weight lifting [wel i started about a month ago, i have built up a respectable amount of muscle drinking nothing but protein shakes and working out for 3 hours a day. Greulling i know but it had to be done.

I am starting a diet now to get cut, and the part that pisses me off is the fact that i know i have good definition, you just cant see it ontop of all that flab :frowning: Im starting a diet of my own creation. Any ideas on the fastest methods of weeight loss would be greatly appreciated. Roweski


Some stats would be nice.


Can you list stats in lbs? You cannot lose 18 lbs of fat in 3 weeks unless you are SIGNIFICANTLY overweight. this is the real world. Can you describe your current diet and training in detail so we can give you some specific advice how to change things up for the better? That would help us and you a lot.


3 hours for a workout!? What kind of stuff are you doing? Just abbreviate it and leave quicker man.

and as to quick weight loss, some of my adult friends have done well on the V diet and Meltdown training, though god only knows how they're still alive after it


I hope you were joking about eating "nothing but protein shakes." Brother, you need to read Berardi's articles, stat. You need to eat, and you need to eat well. I'm worried about you...


Ok, you said you do deadlifts and squats as well as running...how on earth do you manage that? Surely that'd fry your CNS, especially if you're doing it to failure...

Also, how do you do heavy enough deads without a gym? unless you have a lot of plates of course

First thing...skip this 3 hour workout thing, you'll burn out. It's just too long and androgen levels drop after about an hour to the best of my knowledge.

Second, just keep rest shorter and kick butt. Keep the hindus pressups and squats up in an alternate, intelligent fashion and you'll be doing far better than going on for a 3 hour marathon workout.


It's painfully obvious you've no idea what the hell you're doing. And quite frankly, I'm not sure I know what you're doing.

Read Vroom's beginner's thread.

Also, you're not going to look "magazine ready" in 3 weeks, despite what the magazines say.

Lastly, read anything and everything you can. This should help you with your spelling woes (or laziness?).

Run along now.


Oh, and at 168 pounds, nobody has a "fairly large muscle base".


unless ur 3ft 8?


Yeah this is just a mess. I don't say that to be a cock but thats just the way it is. I've reread your posts twice now and I got no fucking idea whats going on. Like someone said read Vrooms beginners thread. It really has all you need to get started...the post pinned to the top of this forum says

NEW TO T-Nation?

Pretty much says it all right there..


Matt Furey, 3-hour workouts, "fairly big base" at 168 pounds.

This must be a joke.