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Just Starting Out


I had a few questions about a healthier lifestyle that I would like to live. Some of my main concerns are: The kinds of foods, how often I should workout, steroid questions, and several other things I would like to know. If anyone could help, I'll listen. Thanks, and have a good 4th of July.


Hi Bluke,

I noticed your post on the beginner thread as well (unless I got the name wrong).

Anyway, if you keep on looking around and reading you'll find a lot of the information you are looking for.

However, once you've done that and have more specific questions, I think people will be very happy to offer advice and give answers.

As for steroids, you'll be pushed to do a lot of research and make sure you've done a good job of reaching your own natural potential before giving them a try. You may already be there, but if you are just getting your nutrition in order now, maybe not.