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Just Starting Out


I've got a bit of a skinny fat problem going to start (from my reading) .. Im planning on starting with compound exercises ... squats ... deads and pullups.

What are some realistic expectations for 6 months and 1 year if I work super hard?


Really just depend but if your honestly just starting out in 6 months time a moderate very moderate would be body weight bench, 1.25 body weight squat and 1.5 body weight deadlift as long as calories are kept high and nutrition and recovery are good and you kill it. Depending on leverages and the program you could probably surpass that.


Yea, these are a good guide to shoot for. If you get on a good linear progression program (something like starting strength or madcow) and eat big, you will be surprised.

For example, when I first started lifting, I put 100 pounds on my squat in about 5 months, and I started off skinny as hell


You're not skinny fat. Just because you don't see your abs doesn't mean you're fat. You have a pretty average skinny frame I'd say.

As the others said, you can attain a LOT if you do things right. Eat enough (don't pig out but eat a lot of 'good' food), train 3-4x a week either with a full body routine or and upper/lower split.


If you stick to it and take your protein and creatine you can actually get some pretty impressive gains right off the bat--my fiance never used weights before last September and she's already at a bodyweight squat and a 0.75 bodyweight press. You can definitely get up to 1.25 on the squat like what's his name said up there.


I agree with what is being said here. Focus on eating healthy and eating a ton. Try a three day full body routine focusing on heavy compound lifts (don't get too caught up in things like bicep curls). And you should be able to add plenty of weight on your frame to your lifts.


with genuine 'super hard' work you can put on 60lbs in 8-12 months...