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Just Starting Out, Test E?

Me personally I am just starting out. But I’ve seen people do this so I wanted to try it out for myself. I’m just wanting to try Test E for my first cycle, but I need to know a few things. 1) Where can i get it and know that it’s legit. Is it injection or tablets? 2) How many mg should I take? I’ve seen people say 250mg a week is fine, I’ve also seen people say 500mg. 3) Roughly about how much a month does this cost? 4) How long is a good amount of time for a cycle? 5) How many cycles should I do? And what should I use during different cycles? Any tips would be great! I’m 6’3, 224lbs, and 25 years old. I haven’t worked out until recently I just started about a month ago on and off. I don’t know my bf% but I do know that I’ve let myself go since high school. Lol. I’m hoping this is the right topic to be posting this.

You need to study research and read more before you do anything else man…

Thus one reason why I’m here…

You may want to spend your time learning about eating and training correctly first. You said yourself that you have only been training again "about a month on and off ". Just my two cents.

Well I know how to eat properly and how to train properly, and I have been eating right this entire time. I just haven’t been able to get to the gym. And I have been reading up on this stuff, otherwise I would have just bought the first one I saw and started taking it. Everybody, at one point in time, was at the same spot I’m in right now and had the same questions I have right now.

No, you are here for a steroid dealer, someone to tell you how to take it without even looking into the science of why, when, how, or what to take. You are here to be sooo fed some b.s. to make you superman.


Okay if that’s what you think. Yeah, I am looking for a legit place to get it. But I’m only looking for recommendations on how much to take. And I know what I’m gonna take, but again, only asking for how much people recommend. I’ve already looked into everything else. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here.

What’s up yes test e would be a great start I’m a professional Powerlifter I have been in this game for about 12 yrs now. I would start with 500 msg a week for 12 weeks for first cycle. Hope this helps

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It does! Thanks!

Many people are against giving advice because you obviously haven’t done your research! Maybe this will make it easier for you, a bunch of good info in one post lol! I don’t know why people don’t just inform someone instead of telling them to “do research”. Here ya go…

For a beginner cycle I’d run anywhere from 350mg test to 500mg test, no more than that.

A good length for test prop (fast acting) is 8-10 weeks. A good length for test enanthate or cypionate is 10-12 weeks.

You should be using an AI (aromatase inhibitor) on any cycle that has 300mg test or more basically, 10mg nolva per day should do the trick for that! you may need upto 20mg with higher dosages. Nolva is the only AI I ever use and have done some pretty heavy cycles with no issues.

You need to do a PCT When you come off cycle! I am not the guy to ask about PCT’s because I blast and cruise (alternate between heavy cycles and light test dosages) which means I am on test for life. NO this is not an option for you lol!

You should ABSOLUTELY be NO MORE than 12% bodyfat, which I guarantee you aren’t even close to right now to run a cycle! Sorry to burst your bubble bro, but running a cycle at higher bodyfat is absolutely a terrible idea! Under 10% is ideal!

Cycling at higher bodyfat means you have much more inflammation in the body, which will drastically limit gains and hurt your health! It also means estrogen will be a serious issue for you, again drastically limiting gains and putting you at high risk for side effects!

So keep researching and learning, and prepare your cycle for after a nice long cut down to 12% or less bodyfat! Good luck brother!