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Just Starting Out HELP!!!


Hey everyone, I'm new here,
I am currently about 200lbs, 5'9. not in very good shape, even have the man breast. I need a diet and excercise routine to get rid of my flabby chest stomach, and thighs. Please help...I just recently purchased the Platinum MAx by Weider, and i need tips advice, any and every thing to shed fat get lean, get cut, and build muscle.

thank you all


Checkout this thread from vroom, he was very helpful when I started a couple of months back, and the thread heput together has everything without havinf\g to hunt through and use the search engine.



That is a very good thread.

Taking the time to go through most of those links will be worth it.

It's a lot of info to take in at once, so pace yourself and learn.


I would've been happier if you bought a barbell set first. Machines are "okay" for home exercising (way better than not exercising at all), but a free weight set-up will give you more versatility, and will let you do the big movements (deadlifts, squats, rows, presses, cleans) more easily. But we can make the best of what you have.

That link is a great place to start. Basically, for your goals, you need to balance nutrition, strength training, cardio training, and supplementation. But first things first.

What's your exercise history, have you ever worked out before? Do you do any sports? Do you have any injuries, or anything that may interfere with you exercising hardcore now?


sell your platinum thingie and use the money to buya gym membership and maybe a memebership to Charles Staley's distance coaching website.


I sold my bowflex and bought a used power rack, lat tower, a 600lb olympic set and a incline/decline bench with leg attachment and preacher curl for about $600 on ebay...
much better than the bowflex...


that impresses me. You have nice set up. Very well done.
Tell our newcomer a bit more about your progress.