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Just Starting (Kind Of)

Okay I’ve been boxing since I was 15 (now nearly 20). I’ve never had the frame for it (short and stockier then most of my opponents). Had some minor successes but being a realist know it will never lead to anything major. I have one year left at my job (work in a gym) before going to join the police force. Now I want to spend my last year playing footy (rugby league) with the boy’s from home (live in a country town so bush footy, not too high quality. Though I have to perform my best in anything I do) So pre-season I want to get bigger, whils’t maintaining my cardiovascular fitness.

I was thinking Defranco’s Skinny Bastards with some of Ross Enamait’s conditioning samples.

am - Intervals
pm - Max Effort Upper Body

am - GPP
pm - Dynamic Lower Body

am - Warrior Challenge
pm - Rest

am - Enhanced Interval Training
pm - Repetition Upper Body

am - Integrated Circuit Training
pm - Max Effort Lower Body

Some Callisthenics
3km run or 1km swim


Bill Starr’s Program mixed with Ross’s stuff (something like above

Any advice would be appreciated.