Just Starting D-bol Cycle

Hey i’m 16 and just started taking D-bol… the pills are 10mg each, and i plan on taking 1 per day for about a week, then moving up to 2 a day (20 mg) for the remainder of the cycle and then tapering off afterwards.

From what i’ve read, as long as i take a good post-cycle e-blocker, i should be alright… right?

it’s not clear to me whether i need something like novladex or clomid during the cycle or after. And if i can’t get my hands on any of this, would using an estrogen blocker from a supplement store (like 60-X0 [sp?]) would do the trick.

If i simply taper off slowly near the end, do i have the risk of gyno?

BTW… it’s not too late for me to turn back, as tonight i took my first pill

PS… i migth need confirmation for whether these are real or not. The are unmarked circular pink tabs that say methandrostenolone (D-Bol). Then it says 10mg 100 capsules. I counted and got 105? also they are tabs… not capsules. The label and bottle are legit, but i’m questioning the pills. Help appreciated

I’ll leave this one to the vets. I can’t handle this one at the moment LOL

Since you said it’s not to late to turn back, then TURN BACK!!!

Don’t start this at such a young age. You have AT LEAST 6 years before considering doing this. You can get a lot accomplished in that amount of time.


DO NOT TAKE those pills. you are 16. they are not needed. you have plenty of natural test coursing though you. your endocrine (hormone) system is still forming and establishing baseline levels. don’t be an idiot, and don’t fuck yourself up. don’t take them

I would also like to add that when someone says do not take them, that means DO NOT take them.

You can make great strength gains naturally. You do not need the pills! It will hurt you in the long run.

It’s like using a nuke to blow up a pop can when you already have a bazooka. You’ll do more damage with the nuke and the bazooka will damage the pop can almost as much as the nuke. LOL!

Wow. This shit is like a daily occurrence huh.

Kind of getting to be lame, but that is kind of how it has always been, don’t you think? People making uninformed decisions, come on ‘young man’, all you need to do is lift heavy and eat before you go to bed, take ZMA (zinc and magnesium) before you go to sleep, that is pretty much all you might need… STEROIDS WILL HURT YOU MORE NOW, THEN IF YOU USE THEM 6 years from now…

I’m confused on how someone learns about things like dbol and is not aware that roids at the age of 16 will fuck you over for life.

[quote]naughtybox wrote:
I’m confused on how someone learns about things like dbol and is not aware that roids at the age of 16 will fuck you over for life.[/quote]

From what I’ve learned in just the last few weeks, this stuff is apparently EVERYWHERE in high schools nationwide. With a generation that seems to be addicted to instant gratification, fake and cheap “steroids” like this are just one more shortcut to be grabbed up.

Whatever happened to hard work and dedication?

I hope that this is a joke.

In case there are any 16 year olds thinking that this is a good idea, it is not. At that age all you need is plenty of food and time in the gym. Read all the stuff on this site and learn how to train and eat properly. Do not listen to any knuckleheads at your school who might be taking steroids at such a young age.

Somebody is pulling our dicks.

I say troll.


[quote]JWpushheavy wrote:
Somebody is pulling our dicks.

I say troll.


I second. Why else would he mention he’s 16 if he wanted an honest answer.

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