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Just Startin' Out.

Hey guys.

I randomly came across T-Nation a couple days ago while I was googling stuff about bodybuilding. And hot damn, I looked around the site, read a few articles, and it was like a fire got lit under my ass. I got up and went on over to the gym and got a membership. Tonight was my first night working out, ever, and man I’m fuckin’ beat and sore as hell but it feels great!

It was really kind of intimidating starting out, 'cause I had to use pretty light weights and all. But even then, it just got to the point near the end where I didn’t even care about how little weight I was using, it was all about squeezing out that last one, maybe two reps. I don’t think I’d have pushed myself that hard if it wasn’t for the guy that was there helping me out.

I just wanted to post and let you guys know that this site has motivated me to get off my lazy ass and get out there and fuckin’ bust ass. I love the site and I love the attitude of the members. Besides, if I stay active on the site, I’ll have to stay active in the gym too, or else I’m sure I’ll catch a shitload of hell from all you guys. Nothin’ like good ol’ peer pressure for motivation.

Alright, alright, I’ll wrap up the newb rant. Maybe I can sneak in a newb question, though. I have my workout routine and diet kinda figured out, but I’m clueless when it comes to supplements.

Any recommendations for someone just starting out like me? I haven’t checked out a lot of the site yet, so I guess if there are any supplement articles for beginners you could point me to, I’d greatly appreciate it.

It feels good to be here guys, and I’ll try and stay updated on my progress and stuff. Who knows, I might even gain some confidence and post some before and after pictures later.

Okay okay, I’m really done this time. Later!

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don’t worry about supps yet. most important thing is to bust your ass in the gym, eat and sleep. keep reading the sleep and make modifications that you see fit.

good luck!

First things first do not post before and after pictures until you have made significant progress. Trust me on this one. It might be a good idea to post your diet and training programs, to see if any improvements need to be made. You have an amazing wealth of information here at your fingertips…get reading. So yeah mate all i can say is read up and listen to the advice of more experienced lifters. Enjoy.

It’s nice to hear you’re so enthusiastic about training. Keep it up. You should consider quality food your “supplements” for the most part. If you want to add the basics:

Protein powder (Metabolic Drive)
Fish Oil (Flameout)
A good multi-vitamin

As you get more experience and pass the newbie stage you can experiment with more advanced (and expensive) supplements. Most of those would be a waste for a beginner.

Good Luck, train smart and be consistent.

Thanks for the encouragement and the advice guys. :slight_smile:

I start my second week of training tomorrow. Once I get my paycheck this tuesday, I’m gonna see about getting some of the basic supplements that Kruiser suggested.

I tell ya what though, I’m nowhere used to eating this much at all. Here for the past year or so, it’d be a pretty safe bet to say I’ve been living off anywhere from 500 to 1000 calories a day, mostly dirty dirty processed carbs, in the form of cereal and ramen and other broke people foods. But with more money being in my pockets now, being able to eat right is a lot easier.

Another thing, I read up a little bit on Metabolic Drive Complete, and it sounds amazing. I’m trying to get about 6 meals a day down in me right now. I read that MD was supposed to be a meal replacement, so should I/would I be able to split my day into 3 MD shakes and three food meals? After about 5-6 years of living on close to nothing, I honestly forget to eat sometimes, and a good meal replacement shake would be a miracle for me.

I can’t wait to start my next week of training. :slight_smile: I don’t have the sheet with me atm, but when I find it, I’ll post the workout that the trainer at the gym is having me do, and see if I can’t get some feedback from you guys about it.

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