Just Started Using CJC-1295. What Can I Expect?

That has not been my experience. Although I do not have IGF-1 pre-TRT data, I know that without peptides or HGH, my IGF-1 levels are pathetic (see the graph for the y intercept of zero IPA).

The MK and the injectable peptides have different action in the growth hormone control loop. IIRC (disclaimer, I am not at all an expert, and am trying to remember a YouTube video I saw on it), ipamorelin is a GHRH analog, and MK is a ghrelin analog. So Ipamorelin causes the pituitary to produce more GH, and MK causes the hypothalamus to produce more GHRH to stimulate the pituitary to make more GH. To me it seems like they would work well together. Kinda like taking Test and HCG together, but the HCG works better.

I might be thinking of another peptide, not ipamorelin that directly works on the pituitary?


I was confused here. You must have meant 160, not 165.

If I am guessing the MK is quite a lot cheaper than the injectable peptides. It costs me about $0.50/day for 10-12.5 mg (can’t remember which dose worked out to that price).

I chose low dose, because of a study in which they evaluated 10 and 15 mg per day in younger men who had deficient GH and IGF-1. Both doses resulted in about 80% rise in IGF-1 (76% vs 81% or something). The 15 mg dose did produce more GH in the blood work (60% vs like 75% increase or something like that). I went right in the middle with 12.5 mg, but need blood work to evaluate efficacy. If I can get those results for $0.50/day I would be very pleased. I would be approaching IGF-1 of 223 from 124 for 15 bucks a month.

Additionally, I don’t think that an IGF-1 of 225 as being the 50th percentile on your chart is accurate. All the data I have seen have it closer to 180.

No ai here and went to 270/300

Interesting . Maybe because im on cream and that is why. Who knows.

I haven’t tested without AI yet (but AI dose was pretty low). Higher test levels should bring up IGF-1, if you get that with the cream. I am pretty jealous of your IGF-1. I would just like to get it to 200+ on MK, and I would be pretty happy.

I don’t think it is actually the AI that lowers it directly (I think it is because of lower E2).

It’s probably because my dose is higher. Cream dose is like 250mg cyp daily

Dht is also 3 x probably what cypionate delivers

Well, I am on TRT at 200 mg per week now. Haven’t done blood work. ATM I am on a bit more than replacement at 600 mg/wk.

I guess I should say cruise (not trt), as I do it on my own (started with a doctor, but it was a lot of hoop jumping IMO). I found ways to get my supplies. I just have been lazy with blood work. I actually have the blood work in my cart at discount labs, but I don’t know if I want to do on cycle, or wait until after and stable on 200 mg again.

I haven’t had any signs of hair loss, but my hair is my precious as golem would say. I am probably too paranoid about it, so higher DHT isn’t what I need. I don’t have libido issues, so I am fine with mid range DHT.

I would only test my igf1 and maybe free t. Nothing else really matters until stable. You know everything else is high and symptoms are all that matter. Health snapshot I would go to a stable dose and check that after 3 months. But I bet igf1 increases on a higher dose. If not, I’ll be proven wrong :confused:

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Yeah, my bad. I edited it in the original post so as not to confuse anyone else.

An issue that I have to contend with in hormone labs is that they always give me normal ranges only for my age group. I’m 63 years old and I don’t want the hormones of guys my age. I want to adjust them to the target ranges of a younger guy, generally a 20-30 year old guy. So, I’m left with searching for age ranges on the internet. Problem is you should never compare lab results between different laboratories. This leaves me with a guessing game as to what my target ranges should be. I’ll be switching labs with my upcoming test, so that’s another variable added to the equation.

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This is exactly what my original hormone doc told me. He’s a well-respected doc in this field. I do not use an AI either for a number of reasons.

I am on TRT. I’ve been on TRT for close to 6’ish years now. This was something my doc mentioned that I was curious about trying. My IGF-1 was 88 on my last blood work. TRT didn’t seem to raise it.

That’s an interesting approach. Maybe I’ll ask my doc about MK677 combined with the CJC/IPA.

I’d love to see the bloodwork when you get it to see the results.

I have IGF-1 pre TRT and my numbers were around the 130’s. My last IGF-1 number was 88. I wonder if stress could cause some decline?

That makes sense that the low E2 could cause low IGF-1. My E2 was at 15 on my blood work. My doc told me to lower the AI dose a bit. I was taking 1/2 exemestane twice a week and now I lowered it to 1/4 twice a week.

I know a lot of people don’t like the AI’s but for me they seem to work. I’ve tried without the AI and although I didn’t feel bad, keeping my E2 lower seems to make me feel better. My E2 would get up in the 70’s without the AI.

Day 3 of CJC-1295 w/IPA…

Lost 10 pounds and I’m ripped!!! Just kidding

I definitely get that warm flushed feeling right after injecting and it lasts for like 30 minutes. It definitely feels like a vasodilator. It feels like the blood is pumping and it’s very noticeable. I’ve read somewhere that people get hungry from peptides but I haven’t noticed that at all. If anything, I have the same appetite or maybe even less appetite.

Next week…I’m gonna be shredded!!! ha!!

Sorry if you stated this already and I missed it, but what dosages and frequency are you taking the blend?

Has anyone tried GHRP-2 or 6?

I’ve done 300mcg of GHRP-2 3 times per day for about 2 months and also have some ghrp6 I’m planning to start this weekend.

I’m taking .1 ml every morning 5 days a week. Weekends off

That’s a volume not a dose. :smiley:

Any idea what that is in mcg’s? Or if you reconstituted it yourself, it was likely something like 10mg reconstistuted in 10ml of bacteriostatic water.