Just Started TRT, What To Expect?

It’s been quite a journey. 50 years old now. I tried to reverse my vasectomy starting back in 2015 due to a new marriage. My urologist at the time determined I had low T at 331 ng/dL and put me on Clomid to increase my T and to maintain my fertility (and hopefully increase my sperm count if the reversal worked). My T level went up, but within the normal range. Gained some muscle, but couldn’t lose belly fat no matter how much I worked out it seemed. However, when you live with it, you don’t notice as much, but my fatigue levels went way down. Felt a lot better quality-of-life-wise on the Clomid.

2 failed reversal attempts later, we went to IVF (have a 6-month old baby daughter now). My new urologist for the IVF manually collected and froze sperm, so I didn’t need to maintain my fertility any more. But he kept me on Clomid since I felt a lot better on it and I was used to it. However, I noticed a drop in libido which is odd for me since I’ve been like a horny teenager all of my life. He said a lot of his patients felt better on actual testosterone replacement as compared to the Clomid. Plus, he believes the Clomid has caused the libido issue.

So here we are now, stopped the Clomid about 2 weeks ago. He has me on testosterone cypionate. I inject 200 mg every 14 days. Reading on here a bit, seems 2 weeks between injections can be a problem.

So, what can I expect coming off the Clomid and transiting to the injections? I go back in 3 months to see how things are going. Should I ask about smaller, more frequent injections? Any idea if it’s easier to lose fat with the injections versus Clomid (still running, cycling, and lifting)?

I dont think you’ll be happy on 200mg every 2 weeks. It’s a roller coaster of highs and low of energy, and everything else. There’s no way to get stabil with that dising frequency. 100mg once a week would be better and probably 50mg twice a week would be better yet. That may not be enough depending on how you feel and your labs but at least you’ll be able to tell how you’re doing and can make informed decisions.

This urologist probably isnt up to date on the current state of trt treatment (based on his starting protocol). You may need to find a specialist that deals with horemone replacement as a large part of their practice. Either way though they probably won’t accept insurance, but what’s feeling great worth? Either way its probably cheaper than your cable bill and so much more valuable.

not gonna comment on how you should do your protocol, but i do know how you could lose fat fast…stop eating meat, did this for a year with the hope to feel better ( did not help) but me allready not a big person, i even lost weight and bodybuilders would have been jealous of how dry i was…protein comes from more then just meat, its just searching and trying to get nice meals…now i eat meat or fish maybe once or twice a week, and knowing how much shit they put in these animals before they reach our plate. And no, i’m not the guy who complaints about how sad it is for the animals, was just a health decision,

How much protein would you estimate or know you are taking in on meat 1-2× a week

i dont count anymore, my trainingdays are over for a couple of years now, but i’m sure i get the protein intake my body needs. Meat is easily replaced with tofu and other products and i still take dairy products, eat unsalted nuts every day, lots of fruits, bananas, advocados, eggs…but this is something you should research yourself on what to eat, i just noticed how fast the weight went down when i stopped eating meat…was hard to learn how to cook with shit like tofu cause its not as nice as meat, but once you get it down then you can make real nice meals. There is a docu you could watch wich makes you quit meat the same day…What the health its called. Me and my wife watched it and told our son, he said no way i’m gonna stop eating meat…whaha, guess he shouldn’t have watched this docu cause the next day we all quited meat…

This is a hormonal rollercoaster, you need two or more injections per week to prevent these high followed by lows. SHBG is a good biomarker for selecting a proper protocol, the lower the SHBG usually you’ll feel better on multiple injections per week or you could end up estrogen dominate.