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Just Started TRT, Up and Down

Since my temp looks okay 3 days in a row, what would you recommend for lab work at this point? I have a lab sheet I can fill out. I’m assuming I may find high E2

You need to reach 98.6 at 2pm consistently. A comparison, I reach 98.6 by 10am and stay there until the evening.

Oh. So my temp is no good… Okay. I guess I need to look into Wilson’s therapy?

If you’re only reaching 98.6 for a very short time it doesn’t allow your body to spend much time with the optimal temperature. You’re not there yet.



So I brought up Wilson’s temperature syndrome with my doc. He mentioned that bloodwork and other sort of tests can tell you some stuff, but the best possible test is to just give me something and see if it works. Sounded good to me. So, for a few weeks he had me on 5mcg T3. I took it at 6am and 6pm. I didn’t notice a big difference and if anything, I felt slightly worse (more tired/out of it).

So now I am on T4. Honestly didn’t even look at the dosage, but I believe it’s the lowest dosage as I’m only taking 1/2 per day. It has only been a few days of this so only time will tell.

Before I started any thyroid hormones I did my own lab work through my chiropractor and came out with these results:

LOW Serum Iron: 53 mcg/dl range 59-158
Iron Binding Capacity: 362 mcg/dl range 250-450
%Iron Saturation: 14.6% range 6-36%
T3 uptake 36% range 28-41
T-4: 5.7 mcg/dl range 4.5-11.7
T-7: 2.7(no units) range .9-3.9
T-3 Total: 1.26 ng/ml range .8-2
T-4 Free: .98 ng/dl range .8-1.9
LOW FSH(was curious): <0.1 MIU/ML range 1.5-12.4 MIU/ML

Ferritin: 31 ng/ml range 30-400
LOW LH(curious): <0.1 MIU/ML range 1.2-8.6
Total testosterone: 666 ng/dl range 249-836
FREE T: 168.2 pg/ml range 48-250
%free T: 2.5% range 1.3-2.9
SHBG: 25.6nmol/L range 19.3-76.4
TSH: 2.04 uIU/ml range .4-4.1
Reverse T3: 11.2 ng/dl range 9.0-27
Estradiol: 26.6 pg/ml range 0-60.7
Vitamin D25-Hydroxy: 36.2 range 30-100

Can I increase my T a bit more? Or do you think I should stay where I am? I am doing 60mg E3.5 days. I can increase by 10mg/shot easily. so I could go up to 70mg.

Any other thoughts?

On a side note, I did also order myself an Oura ring. Tracks many many metrics including body temp, sleep, etc. I pre-ordered the new one though so I won’t see that for a few months.

Edit: Forgot to mention. Just picked up an iron supplement. Does trt have anything to do with low iron/ferritin? Never had this problem before

Hey Ryan, I don’t mean to sidetrack your post. I am also in Rhode Island and looking for someone to help with trt. I’ve seen 2 endos so far and it’s been a waste of time. My next option is through defy.

Also your FSH and LH will be that low on TRT